Covid Update: Moderna and the Spike Protein. What About Facui?

December 14, 2023  PODCAST

Encore Presentation November 23, 2023

November 16, 2023  PODCAST  Show Notes   / November 9, 2023  PODCAST  Show Notes

A Nightmare of Metabolic Issues Caused by the Covid Vax

November 16, 2023  PODCAST  Show Notes

Faking the Jab, The WHO-Your Loss of Medical Freedom, Congress Opt Out

November 9, 2023  PODCAST  Show Notes

Medical Research Weaponized, Intellectual Dishonesty, Government Lies

October 19, 2023  PODCAST  Show Notes

Turbo Cancer’s Impact on Healthcare, Parallel Medical System, Gov. Distrust

October 12, 2023  PODCAST  Show Notes

Steve House: COVID Vax Linked to Estimated 17 Million Deaths, The Covid Political Football

October 5, 2023  PODCAST  Show Notes

Dr. Kelly & Steve House: Encore Presentation

September 28, 2023  PODCAST  Show Notes

When You’re Wrong 100% of the Time. 5G and the Vax, Pushing mRNA

September 21, 2023  PODCAST  Show Notes

Destruction of the Immune System. You Were Part of the Study. Tsunami: Deaths, Disease, and Suffering

September 14, 2023  PODCAST  Show Notes

Covid vs. the Vaccine -Immune Response in Kids. The Censorship Continues. What Went Wrong? 

September 7, 2023  PODCAST  Show Notes

Covid – Stoking up the Fear. Pushing Back. How to Handle a Covid Karen. Booster Nonsense.

August 24, 2023  PODCAST  Show Notes

The Political Response to Covid and How Not to Fall for it Again. Politics of a Vaccine.

August 17, 2023  PODCAST  Show Notes

COVID = Cash Cow. Deeply Flawed Study. mRNA Technology Failure. Real Data

August 10, 2023  PODCAST  Show Notes

Dr. Scott Faulkner: His Take on COVID-19 and the Protocols. Stem Cells. Ivermectin. China.

August 3, 2023  PODCAST  Show Notes

Athletes, Sudden Cardiac Arrest, Autism Data, Dengue Fever, Moderna’s Booster

July 27, 2023  PODCAST  Show Notes

Dr. Kelly and Steve House: Covid-19 and the Lies My Government Told Me 

July 20, 2023  PODCAST  Show Notes

Steve House: Covid’s Origin. Bio-Weapons. Chinese Military. Covid Recovery Plan.

July 13, 2023  PODCAST  Show Notes

Steve House & Dr. Kelly: Encore Presentation

July 6, 2023  PODCAST  Show Notes

Steve House & Dr. Kelly: Amish & Vaccines, XBB Boosters, mRNA Platform, Food Sources, and Fauci

June 29, 2023  PODCAST  Show Notes

Steve House: Pharma Royalties, mRNA Patents, Vaccines: Metals, Mandates, and Autism

June 22, 2023  PODCAST  Show Notes

You Were Lied to by The CDC, FDA, Pharma, Mainstream Media, Big Tech 

June 15, 2023  PODCAST  Show Notes

Adverse Event Data, Increased Cancer Rates, Corruption in Medical Journals

June 8, 2023  PODCAST  Show Notes

Encore Presentation 

June 1, 2023  PODCAST  Show Notes

Our Dependence on China – Pharmaceuticals & Medical Products | mRNA Vaccines

May 25, 2023 PODCAST   Show Notes

Toxic Proteins, Lipid Nanoparticle Side Effects, What Vaccine Actually Does

May 18, 2023 PODCAST   Show Notes

CDC Director Resigns – Why? | Excess Mortality in Younger Ages | Border Crisis 

May 11, 2023 PODCAST   Show Notes

RSV mRNA shots, Government Vaccine Mandate Efforts Funded by Pfizer

May 6, 2023 PODCAST   Show Notes

Encore of March 30, 2023

April 13, 2023 PODCAST   Show Notes

Practical Knowledge to Help You Navigate the Covid Maze.  2 Hour Special

April 6, 2023 PODCAST   Show Notes

CDC Anticipated Massive Vax Adverse Events, Current State of the Virus

March 30, 2023 PODCAST   Show Notes

The Covid Fallout, Covid Vax & Pregnancies, Pilot Safety, Nattokinase

March 23, 2023 PODCAST   Show Notes

COVID & The Unethical Human Experiment, Who is Being Sued & Who’s Not

March 16, 2023 PODCAST   Show Notes

Confronting the Evils of COVID, Make No Mistake, The Loss of Civil Liberties

March 9, 2023 PODCAST   Show Notes

mRNAs, Serious New Worldwide Health Problems, Rise in Stillbirths

March 2, 2023 PODCAST   Show Notes

Skyrocketing Death Rates 26 to 41-Year-Olds, Plaxovid, A Cold vs. Covid

February 23, 2023 PODCAST   Show Notes

Fighting Against the Covid Insanity

February 16, 2023 PODCAST   Show Notes

Federal Government & Big Tech Censoring Covid Dialogue, Vindication of the Unvaccinated

February 9, 2023 PODCAST    Show Notes 

Medical Marketing, War on Doctors Giving Covid Relief, Redefining “Vaccine”

February 2, 2023 PODCAST     Show Notes

Dr. Kelly and Steve House Encore Presentation

January 26, 2023 PODCAST

XBB1.5 Variant, Who is Most at Risk? Is the Vax Reversible & Shedding

January 19, 2023 PODCAST  Show Notes

The Latest News, Info, and What You Need to Know About Fauci.

January 12, 2023 PODCAST   Show Notes 

Damar Hamlin’s Cardiac Arrest, Vax/Virus & Myocarditis, CDC & VARS.

January 5, 2023 PODCAST  Show Notes