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Show Notes

June 8, 2023

John Rush host of Rush To Reason

Guests & Topics

Dr. Kelly Victory INTERVIEW – White House Covid-19 Coordinator Dr. Ashish Jha leaving the administration. Multiple trillions of dollars into big pharma, government agencies, and individuals.  Big Pharma is the biggest lobbying group in DC.  The American public has been lied to by both sides of the aisle. 

Kelly Victory MD on Twitter: “In simple terms IgG4 is responsible for telling your body to “ignore” something that is foreign — There are lots of foreign things we come in contact with every day (pollen, dust, etc.), and it’s not functional to mount an immune response to these myriad minor things. Elevated…” / Twitter

The Great COVID Death Coverup (mercola.com)

BREAKING: Myocarditis from mRNA Covid jabs likely killed hundreds of healthy young adults globally, a new study suggests 

Listener Questions
1. John, would you ask Dr. Victory if she knows of any incident (documented or anecdotal) of a Covid-19 vaccinated but otherwise healthy woman who was 2 weeks postpartum and developed pneumonia, sepsis, 2 heart attacks, and death? I suspect the jab.
2. What is the myth about statin drugs?
3. What is the latest on shedding? Can Dr. Kelly explain how it happens? Is there a transfer of mRNA ? Spike protein? Is shedding less dangerous than the shot?
4. NIH has funded Colorado State University to build and operate a bat research facility … sounds like CSwuhan

Weston ImerBank Your Vote – Secure Your Vote. An initiative by the RNC. / Interview 

Pat Robertson – passed away today at 93. /  Comments 

Farmers Insurance’s new CEO and working from home and the revolt.  ArticleApple Vision Pro. / Comments / Part 2 

Jersey Joe called in about working from home vs. at the office and open office design. 

Hour 3 Coming Soon!