Kelly Victory, MD

BIO From Early Covid Care

Dr. Kelly Victory is a residency-trained trauma and emergency specialist with over 30 years of clinical experience. She is an expert in disaster preparedness and response and medical management of mass casualties. Dr. Victory is an alumnus of the National Preparedness Leadership Initiative by the Harvard School of Public Health and the Kennedy School of Government to develop “meta-leaders” for national disaster preparedness and response, and served as a member of the Leadership Council at Harvard School of Public Health for many years. Dr. Victory has worked with a range of public and private organizations including companies, hospitals, schools, churches and municipalities on public health issues including disaster and pandemic preparedness and response.

Dr. Victory teaches “Active Shooter Rapid Response and Extraction” and “Leadership in Times of Crisis” for first responders, community leaders and organizations, aimed at limiting casualties, improving outcomes, enhancing resiliency and coordinating emergency response efforts. Dr. Victory has been a consistent and vocal proponent of aggressive early outpatient treatment for COVID-19, as well as a cautious and informed, risk-based approach to COVID vaccination. She makes frequent radio and television appearances to discuss issues of public health, disasters, and preparedness and response efforts, and has been the daily voice of “The Doctor Hour” on KABC in Los Angeles throughout the pandemic. Dr. Victory holds a BS from Duke University, earned her MD from the University of North Carolina and completed her residency in Emergency Medicine and Trauma at Carolinas Medical Center.

Dr. Kelly’s Daily Vitamin Recommendation

Vitamin D: 3000-5000IU/day
Vitamin C: 1000mg/day
Zinc: 25-50mg/day
Quercetin: 500mg/day
Melatonin: 10mg/bedtime
Plus adequate sleep, regular exercise, good nutrition and stress management!


Physicians are being mercilessly and dangerously targeted, censored, and threatened. Critical thinking, open dialogue, informed consent, and medical autonomy are ALL at stake here. PLEASE sign the letter enclosed here and distribute this to your channels. It only takes 2 minutes. The lives and livelihoods of thousands of highly-trained physicians depend on it, and so does the future of your personal health freedom. 

A Message From Dr. Kelly

03/10/2022: We need EVERYONE to go to this HHS website and fill out the form soliciting “stories of how COVID ‘misinformation’ negatively impacted you.” This is a witch hunt, McCarthy-style, on those of us who have had the courage and integrity to speak the truth from the very beginning. They would love to round up the small but brave group of truth-warriors and silence us once and for all.  Please don’t let them.  Go to this incredibly biased website, and report the REAL purveyors of “mis-information” – Fauci, Walensky, CDC, FDA, MSM, Medical Societies, Vaccine Manufacturers, Pharmacists, etc. Flood this propaganda machine with YOUR stories from this pandemic debacle.  Don’t let them suppress the truth forever.  

I NEED YOU TO FIGHT BACK, and ask your colleagues, families, congregations, patients, constituents and listeners to do the same – Otherwise, there will be no one left to speak the truth. 


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The Tweets that got Dr. Kelly Banned - Elon put her back on!

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