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Show Notes

January 4

John Rush host of Rush To Reason

Guests & Topics

Dr. Kelly Victory – Masks, 2024 Elections, the Cold and Flu Season, Covid Vaccine lowers the immune system, Asymptomatic – are you sick? / Interview

Florida Surgeon General: mRNA COVID-19 vaccines ‘not appropriate for use in human beings’

New mRNA Vaccine to Be Needle-Free

Data from Australia shows a spike in excess deaths a year after virtually everyone in that country received the Covid vaccine. 

Video postulating a link between the spike proteins associated with the MRNA Covid vaccines and a new breed of cancer cells that multiply at an incredibly explosive rate. 

Another covid wave hits the U.S. as JN.1 becomes the dominant variant.

Listener Questions
1. Do we still need to isolate if we have covid?
2. I thought we heard we would have immunity from covid, but we had it in 2020 or 21 & now have it again.
3. We have a few family members who took the shot; as they age, will the spike proteins get worse than initially?
4. Is ivermectin still effective for covid?
5. My husband was told by cardiac rehab that he would have to postpone for 10 days if exposed to covid. What do you say?
6. Please ask if I should be concerned about receiving the new RSV Vaccine. I am over 65 yrs old.
7. Any opinion on new antibiotics that might be effective on antibiotic-resistant stuff?



Josh Findlay serves as the Director of the Texas Public Policy Foundation’s national Election Protection Project. Discussed Trump and ballot issues giving a historical and constitutional perspective on the misguided actions and made the practical argument that the question of if a candidate is qualified for office rests with all the voters of each state. / Interview 

Not True – Facebook Rule / Comments 

Epstein’s List. / Comments with Jerzee Joe 

Jerzee Joe – What CarFax can tell you. Facebook privacy settings / Interview 

Thoughts on pink Stanley Mug. / Comments 

Human Trafficking and Big Events. Article / Comments 


Gregory Wrightstone, author of A Very Convenient Warming: How Modest Warming and More CO2 are Benefitting Humanity. / Interview  

Brad from Lakewood called in about the Supreme Court and Congress. 

Bill called in about terminology on fuel. Revival of old oil wells. 

Scott GarlissPorter and Company Research: Given last year’s 26.3% rally in the S&P 500 Index – what happened next. / Interview 

How and What to Message – Rep. Lauren Boebert / Comments