2024 Impossible Questions
& Answers

June 17
Q: Name the beach where snow, sand, and sea meet.  
A: Hokkaido beach in Japan 

June 14
Q:  In “Apollo 13,” Tom Hanks and the cast experienced real weightlessness. Director Ron Howard filmed several scenes in NASA’s KC-135 airplane, which simulates zero gravity. What is the airplane’s nickname?  
A: The “Vomit Comet”

June 13
Q: Which meridian do the Aleutian islands cross?
A: 180th meridian

June 12
Q: Name the brain section responsible for conscious thought and the regulation of involuntary action. 
A: medulla oblongata 

June 11
Q: According to Postal Facts, how many vehicles does the post office own? 
A: 236,532 

June 10
Q: Which element has the highest melting point?
A: Tungsten (W)

June 7
Q: In the film “Inception,” what is the name of the device used to enter and manipulate dreams?
A: PASIV (Portable AutomatedSomnacinIntraVenous)device.

June 6
Q: What ancient city, known for its hanging gardens, was considered one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World?
A: Babylon

June 5
Q: What is the medical term for brain freeze?
A: Sphenopalatine ganglioneuralgia 

June 4
Q: What is Henry Ford’s first automobile’s name, unveiled on June 4, 1896?  
A: “Quadricycle” 

June 3
Q: Market Cross House in Windsor, England, was built in 1592, demolished in 1687, and then rebuilt. What is the Market Cross House’s nickname?  
A: The Crooked House of Windsor