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Show Notes

February 15

John Rush host of Rush To Reason

Guests & Topics

Dr. Kelly Victory & Steve House: Dangers of Over Compliance, WHO Treaty, Gene Therapy, Vaccine Mandates, Military.  Interview 

No, the CDC hasn’t changed its five-day COVID-19 isolation guidelines yet. Article 

1. Theory floating around  – “Was there no actual novel pathogen involving SARS Covid2? Was it really just the flu with a crap load of propaganda and modified testing?”  
2. One other thing I wonder about is, “Are we facing this WHO treaty because very few people trust public health?” Public health departments cannot live without public trust, so are we seeing this for that reason? 
3. And if people don’t trust public health and healthcare itself, then how big are the ramifications for the health of our population overall? 4. Curious….never vaccinated, normal weight, good nutrition and exercise, 61 years old, only medical issue is GERD…..if I had Covid in 2023, treated with Ivermectin and required oxygen, it seems the 2+ upper respiratory infections I’ve had since seem to take longer to resolve and symptoms are worse than expected. Is it my increase in age, or might Covid itself have compromised my immune system? 



Phil Kerpen—president of American Commitment: With stronger than expected economic growth, steady employment numbers, and easing inflation—many are arguing that recession concerns are misplaced and the U.S. economy is fundamentally sound.  But has the Fed truly achieved its “soft landing” for Americans?  What about energy prices, the ballooning national debt, and other persistent troubles? / Interview    

Gun shops that sell the most guns used in crime revealed in new list. Article / Comments 

Brad from Lakewood called in about where the GOP really blew it. Die-hard Trump supporters. 

CO GOP and the fallacies, the FEC Report, and Dave Williams. / Comments 

Text message about Dave Williams. / Comments 

Calling them out. / Comments 


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