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Show Notes

February 14

John Rush host of Rush To Reason

Guests & Topics

Health & Wellness Wednesday

Bruce Simmons – American Liberty Mortgage. Reverse Mortgage Specialist / Interview

States Where Residents Experience the Best Sleep.  / Comments

Dr. Michael Garko, Ph.D. currently serves as spokesman and nutritional consultant for Strauss Naturals. Topic: Actionable Advice to Combat Coronary Artery Disease. / Interview 


Ryan Walters – State Superintendent of Public Instruction. Explained Libs of TikTok Topic: Drag queens do not belong in Oklahoma schools. Zero tolerance. Tweet / Interview 

Jerzee Joe  called in about the mass shooting at the Super Bowl celebration that wasn’t intended to be a mass shooting. And why it will disappear from the news.  Plus, the host of new gun bills in Colorado. 

Sunny Kutcher – Young Americans Against Socialism & Educate Freedom Topics: Mayor Brandon Johnson ends the use of ShotSpotter in Chicago. Chicago Mayor touts program where black-owned businesses were given $17 MILLION to feed illegal aliens. White-owned businesses did not qualify for the program. / Interview 


How Dumb Are Republicans: New York special election replay: Democrat Tom Suozzi defeats Republican Mazi Pilip. / Comments

Stay Out of It – Dumb Democrats. Colorado attorney general files lawsuit to block Kroger-Albertson merger. Article / Comments 

John called in about disagreeing with John on the Kroger-Albertson merger. 

Kroger-Albertson Text message. / Comments 

Scott Garliss- Marketwise.com Topics: Grocery Store Mergers. Higher stock prices and AI-related demand are driving revenue and margin higher.  / Interview