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January 18

John Rush host of Rush To Reason

Guests & Topics

Dr. Kelly Victory & Steve House: Prescriptions, Needs, Profit/The Wealthy Middleman. Cancer Uptick. Bioweapons.

Amid Elites’ Talk of ‘Disease X,’ Chinese Lab Debuts Mutant Coronavirus with 100% Kill Rate in Humanized Mice. / Article 

Warriors Assistant Coach Passes Away Ahead of Jazz Game. / Article 

Colon Cancer Now Leading Cause of Cancer Death in Men Younger Than 50. / Article

Listener Questions: 

How do you find out if the hospital is on the formulary? 

Does the DR formulary match your insurance policy formulary? 

This story came out this week that colon cancer is the number one killer for men under 50. I’m 40, and there is no family history, and I’m NOT vaxed. Colon cancer scares the dickens out of me, and I have no symptoms and can’t get a colonoscopy till I’m 45 or 50. Should this be a concern if I’m vaxed? No, I don’t drink or smoke, and I eat healthy, work out, and do something every day. 

Can you ask Dr. Kelly why the vaxx and boosted are suffering worse from covid? 

Can you ask Dr. Kelly one more question in regards to Fenbendazole? Is it useful to take it as a “preventative,” I.e., 1-2 times a week, or would that be pointless in her mind? 





Are EV’s Going Away/Dying? Apparently, when the weather gets very cold, many Tesla batteries can’t be charged, turning many Chicago area Tesla charging stations into EV graveyards. Article / Comments  / Part 2 The problem is they don’t know how they work. / Part 3  Personality type of an EV owner. 

Watermelon Imagery and Palestine. Article / Comments


Kurt Rogers, Affordable Interest Mortgage  720-895-0500. Tee up your homebuying strategy. With rates dropping, is now a good time to purchase, or should people wait? We constantly hear that homes are overpriced – not affordable. Is that true? Looking at purchasing this year, what should you do now?  / Interview


January 18
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