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Show Notes

February 8

John Rush host of Rush To Reason

Guests & Topics

Dr. Kelly Victory & Steve House

Listener Questions: 

Q: Kelly, I’m starting to hear about an active sickness that presents as multi-lobar pneumonia but tests negative for CoVId and the Flu and cultured negative for any bug and has no cough or shortness of breath but suddenly changed, and they cultured her for everything and found no bug at all the doc said he has seen cases like this and they come in on the verge of septic shock. Does any of that make sense
Q: Disease X – explain what this is.
Q: I think I remember that one of the segments talked about statin drugs and how they might be “overrated”?
Q: I was put on them on the lowest dose and was told since I am in a “high risk” group because I smoke, they will never take me off.
Q: Can someone from the medical guests give an opinion on these cholesterol drugs?
Q: I discontinued them a few weeks back and can tell I am feeling different/better (no more muscle pain and occasional dizziness)
Q: Current “Cureus Medical Journal” (peer-reviewed) reports more people have died from the jab than the virus. Also reporting Ivermectin is a valuable prophylactic for Covid.
Q: Do you have any hope for our health future? So much seems like a battle…
Q: 40-60 is what they say – should be 80!
Q: Please ask Dr Kelly what kind of yogurt she recommends (on previous shows, she said no milk; yogurt is ok)
Q: What about the sugar that is alcohol (beer) for diabetes?
Q: Didn’t someone want to know what Dr Kelly thinks of Red Bull? You sure gave us your opinion yesterday so much so I didn’t buy one this morning.



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