How Spiked Proteins Hop, Paxlovid, mRNA Vax and the Future

December 22, 2022, PODCAST   Show Notes

The New Covid Insanity Twist

December 15, 2022, PODCAST   Show Notes

Covid: The Investigation & Who’s Wrong

December 8, 2022, PODCAST   Show Notes

COVID UPDATE: What is the Truth? Parts 1 & 2

November 17, 2022, PODCAST  Part 1  / Part 2    Show Notes

Best of Dr. Kelly & Steve House 

November 3, 2022 PODCAST   Show Notes

Disney, Drugs, Covid, New Boosters, Shedding, and Died Suddenly

October 27, 2022 PODCAST  Show Notes

Covid, CDC & Vaxing Kids, They’re Dropping Dead, Fauci & Brix

October 20, 2022 PODCAST  Show Notes

Unvaccinated are NOT dying! Blood Banks & Future Generations

October 13, 2022 PODCAST  Show Notes

Stop the Shots vs. CDC, Military’s Health Problems, Clots, Heart Conditions

Steve House in for Dr. Kelly October 6, 2022 PODCAST    Show Notes

Covid Vaccine Injuries, “Sudden Deaths,” Parallel Medical System

September 22, 2022 PODCAST   Show Notes 

Dangers of Medical Censorship

Dr. Syed Haider filling in for Dr. Kelly September 15, 2022 PODCAST    Show Notes 

U.S. Hospitals, mRNA boosted, Facts Not Fear, Listener Questions

September 8, 2022 PODCAST   

Best of Show with Dr. Kelly Victory

September 1, 2022  August 11, 2022 PODCAST    August 18, 2022 Podcast 

COVID Surge – They just won’t give it up. Vaccine – Damage Claims & The Great Pivot 

presented by John. August 25, 2022 PODCAST 

The CDC Admitting They were Wrong and Increases in Health Issues.

Covid – Monkeypox – Covid “Now What?” and What’s Next.

Covid – Lawsuits, Politics Not Science, Health Care Changes

Covid and Cold Hard Facts

Covid The Shell Game, Liars and Destroyers

Covid Variants & Is The Medical Community Fighting Back?

Whatever Happened to Critical Thinking and Vaccine Safety?

The latest on the Covid Vaccine & the Medical Industry

Covid Conspiracy Theories – Some, Not so Much Anymore

 Lessons Learned, Hair Loss, Vaccine Injuries, Doctor Shortage

Vaccine Injuries, and More Things the CDC and WHO Got Wrong

Monkeypox, Vaccine Issues, Pandemic?, WHO, Follow the Money

CDC Changes Normal, Germaphobes, Lockdown and Mask Fails, Illness Upticks

Steve House: NIH/Fauci Royalty Payments, Remdesivir, America’s Communists

CDC Tracking You, Censorship, Medical Licenses, The Science?

Steve House on Covid & The Future of Medicine

Covid: The Blood Supply, Childhood Vaccinations, Heart Attacks & Strokes

Dr. Kelly Victory and Steve House Covid, WHO & Loss of Freedom

Covid Myths Clarified & What’s on the Horizon

Connecting the Dots. Denial. Faulty Data. Unexplained Excess Deaths.

Political Agendas/Biden’s New Covid Czar/Individualized Healthcare?

The Witch Hunt/Side Effects/ The Government’s Misinformation

There’s No Substitute for Time/Vaccine Side Effects/Covid & the Law

Covid Facts You Need To Know

COVID: Uncovering the Truth and Exposing the Propaganda

Which hospitals? The CDC’s Confession. Blood Clots. Natural Immunity. Vaccine Failure.

Who Controls the Purse Strings. What if you had the original? Not really a Covid patient. 

Ivermectin, Covid Testing, The Business of Medicine, and Who is Really Getting Sick.