Covid: The Politicizing of a Virus

by | Mar 17, 2022 | Biden Administration, Censorship, Covid, Dr Kelly Victory, Steve House

Political Agendas/Biden’s New Covid Czar/Individualized Healthcare?


Dr. Kelly Victory and Steve House joined John and continued the Covid Chronicles.

Dr. Kelly, “President Biden has appointed Dr. Ashish Jha to be the new Covid coordinator or the Covid Czar, as the previous guys just stepped down. The reason this is concerning to me, actually, the reasons are multiple. This guy has a long and storied history of being someone who espouses sort of the social determinants of health rather than the science of health.

He clearly has a political agenda. From what I’ve seen, based on his actions throughout the pandemic, people who have followed him or listened to him on the mainstream media may recall he was the person who called Senator Ron Johnson a, quote, “snake oil salesman” for attempting to suggest that there might be some early treatment options available other than ones being hawked by the federal government.

Medications like Ivermectin, for example, and Dr. Jha, I called him [Senator Johnson] a snake oil salesman, which is, as you know, far from the truth. Whether or not you individually want to take ivermectin to treat or prevent Covid is up to a discussion between you and your doctor. But the idea that he would dismiss the reams of scientific evidence that supports those of us who do believe that there’s some value to using ivermectin or hydroxychloroquine or steroids or other medications really is preposterous and certainly is not based on medical science. It’s based on political science.


Dr. Kelly, “It’s irrefutable that countries that have the highest vaccination rates also have, number one, the highest excess mortality rates compared to countries that have low vaccination rates, and they are suffering from increased incidence of severe cases of covid. So you’ve got two things going on. It appears that countries that are highly vaccinated, places like the United Arab Emirates, South Korea, the UK, Israel, places that have significantly higher vaccination rates than the United States, are having big problems with excess deaths from things other than covid. So it remains to be seen whether or not we can prove it is actually from the vaccine itself. But as you point out, it’s sure as heck is somebody’s job at the CDC, the FDA, or the guy who is running the COVID response to look into it.”

 Who is Ashish Jha, the New COVID-19 Coordinator? 

Ashish K. Jha, MD is a Senior Advisor with Albright Stonebridge Groups Global Health Solutions practice. 


- Mar 17, 2022:  Ashish Jha as New COVID-19 Coordinator - 

Biden says in his statement that Jha is just the person for the job with “his wise and calming public presence.” “As much as I wish otherwise, the pandemic is not over,” Jha says in a tweet. “So let’s keep our eye on the ball. 

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