Covid: The Politicizing of a Virus

Covid: The Politicizing of a Virus

Covid: The Politicizing of a Virus

Political Agendas/Biden’s New Covid Czar/Individualized Healthcare?


Dr. Kelly Victory and Steve House joined John and continued the Covid Chronicles.

Dr. Kelly, “President Biden has appointed Dr. Ashish Jha to be the new Covid coordinator or the Covid Czar, as the previous guys just stepped down. The reason this is concerning to me, actually, the reasons are multiple. This guy has a long and storied history of being someone who espouses sort of the social determinants of health rather than the science of health.

He clearly has a political agenda. From what I’ve seen, based on his actions throughout the pandemic, people who have followed him or listened to him on the mainstream media may recall he was the person who called Senator Ron Johnson a, quote, “snake oil salesman” for attempting to suggest that there might be some early treatment options available other than ones being hawked by the federal government.

Medications like Ivermectin, for example, and Dr. Jha, I called him [Senator Johnson] a snake oil salesman, which is, as you know, far from the truth. Whether or not you individually want to take ivermectin to treat or prevent Covid is up to a discussion between you and your doctor. But the idea that he would dismiss the reams of scientific evidence that supports those of us who do believe that there’s some value to using ivermectin or hydroxychloroquine or steroids or other medications really is preposterous and certainly is not based on medical science. It’s based on political science.


Dr. Kelly, “It’s irrefutable that countries that have the highest vaccination rates also have, number one, the highest excess mortality rates compared to countries that have low vaccination rates, and they are suffering from increased incidence of severe cases of covid. So you’ve got two things going on. It appears that countries that are highly vaccinated, places like the United Arab Emirates, South Korea, the UK, Israel, places that have significantly higher vaccination rates than the United States, are having big problems with excess deaths from things other than covid. So it remains to be seen whether or not we can prove it is actually from the vaccine itself. But as you point out, it’s sure as heck is somebody’s job at the CDC, the FDA, or the guy who is running the COVID response to look into it.”

 Who is Ashish Jha, the New COVID-19 Coordinator? 

Ashish K. Jha, MD is a Senior Advisor with Albright Stonebridge Groups Global Health Solutions practice. 


- Mar 17, 2022:  Ashish Jha as New COVID-19 Coordinator - 

Biden says in his statement that Jha is just the person for the job with “his wise and calming public presence.” “As much as I wish otherwise, the pandemic is not over,” Jha says in a tweet. “So let’s keep our eye on the ball. 

- October 4, 2021: Ashish Jha is calling for a vaccine mandate for air travel. Here’s why. 

- November 1, 2021: Ashish Jha is getting his kid vaccinated, and here’s why he says you should, too. 




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Covid: Uncovering the Truth and Exposing the Propaganda 

Covid: Uncovering the Truth and Exposing the Propaganda 

Covid: Uncovering the Truth and Exposing the Propaganda 

John Rush, Dr. Kelly Victory, and Steve House have been uncovering the truth and exposing the propaganda from the government and the powers-at-be from the early stages of covid-19. Dr. Kelly has been banned from YouTube, Facebook, and now most recently from Twitter for posting an irrefutable fact.

You Take the Most Flack When You’re Directly Over the Target


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More on the Facts

Click on the articles listed below for an extensive list of scientific studies, including a brief summary of the findings. Amongst them are included hundreds of studies on masks, vaccines, vaccine mandates, natural immunity, school closures, and mitigation schemes in general.

A Few Highlights from this Jammed Packed Interview


Dr. Kelly, “the new study from the CDC acknowledging that lockdowns had ZERO Effect on mortality or transmission of Covid, but had devastating impacts economically, socially, psychologically, educationally, etc. I made that point repeatedly, TWO YEARS AGO which is what initially got me banned from both Facebook and YouTube.” 

Banned from Twitter

Dr. Kelly, “Well, what I’m actually thrilled to report, very honestly, we can get into the whole censorship issue is that the third time I was censored was again for posting something that was an irrefutable fact, something that is absolutely in the public record and easy for certainly the, quote, “fact-checkers” from Twitter to have verified.

Vaccine Failure and the Consequences 

Dr. Kelly, “Once you suppress the immune system, I guarantee we will not only see this event of vaccinated people being at higher risk for COVID and other infections, but you are going to see a massive uptick in certain cancers, specifically blood-borne cancers like leukemia and multiple bioluminescent, those sorts of things.”


John: “They’re pushing a mantra, an agenda if you would, that fits their narrative only.  And anybody that counters that, they are quick to just diminish it.  Guys, I know people don’t like me saying this.  I know it sounds outlandish.  And Charlie and I had this conversation the other day that anytime you compare something to what happened in Nazi Germany, that you can get in trouble for doing so.  But guys, what we’re encountering right now is exactly what brought Germany to its knees with the Holocaust because this is what started it all.”

Steve: “John, I think you are right.  But I think the other thing people missed when I had this conversation yesterday with people is that what Joseph Goebbels did with propaganda was he convinced a certain set of the population that they were victims and that they had the right to force other citizens who were not following the process to adhere or bend their will. … So we have citizens doing the work of the government because the government uses propaganda to make those citizens angry and fearful.  Then you have a very bad situation.  And you can say that’s exactly what’s happening here.”

Dr. Kelly, “The use of propaganda to empower citizens to actually do the work of the government to align them against a common quote “foe”.  Whether that “foe” is the Jews, that “foe” is black people, or that “foe” is a microscopic virus, the results are the same.  You get people to act in ways that they otherwise would not if they were going based on their own sense of morals or ethics.  But the government gets people ginned up.  And at this point, the “foes” are people who won’t wear a mask or who won’t get vaccinated.  And people are acting in ways that are absolutely vile to their fellow man because of the misinformation, the propaganda that is being provided to them by the government.”

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COVID-19: Infection or Tyranny?

COVID-19: Infection or Tyranny?

“… And so there are people for whom that calculation. It makes sense for them to take the vaccine.  …  Healthy people under the age of 50 have a 99.98% chance of making a full recovery if they get COVID, you weigh that against the risks from the vaccines. And I’m telling you, [getting the vaccine] it’s a bad calculation,” Dr. Kelly Victory

” And it was always an error in judgment to make such a highly targeted, narrow vaccine that only is intended to create antibodies against a single spike protein, because it simply takes very, very little in terms of a mutation, a variation for those vaccine-induced antibodies, not to recognize the new variant. And that’s exactly what is happening. So people who have natural immunity, meaning people who actually had COVID and recovered their antibodies, are excellent at recognizing the Delta variant, and they’ll recognize, in all likelihood, the other variants to come,” Dr. Kelly

“When you look at the number of deaths from January of this year, January 2021 to the present, there are more than twice as many deaths reported from the COVID-19 vaccines in that seven and a half month period then of all 30 other vaccines on the VAERS system over a 22 year period combined,” Dr. Kelly

Dr. Kelly, “And honestly, every time I hear someone stand up or even my own colleagues with whom I’m quite disappointed, I hear them stand up and say things like, These vaccines are perfectly safe, or these vaccines are safe for children, or they’re safe to give to pregnant women. How in the world can you, with a straight face or an honest face make that statement?

“And by the way, let me get it on the record, I am absolutely pro-vaccine. But people need to understand vaccine production and creation is extraordinarily complicated. … There’s a reason why the average vaccine takes four to six years to come to market if it ever makes it to market. … And it takes years, generally four to six years to even begin to figure out what the long-term potential adverse events or side effects of these vaccines will be. … So now you’re going to be chasing your tail with these boosters and there’s no end to that game. It’ll be boosters eight, nine, and ten before you know it, and it won’t work,” Dr. Kelly

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