Biden’s Shocking Neglect for America’s Safety

Biden’s Shocking Neglect for America’s Safety

Biden’s Shocking Neglect for America’s Safety

Dr. Shea Bradley-Farrell, President of the Counterpoint Institute and author of The Last Warning to the West President Joe Biden’s shocking neglect for the safety of American citizens has allowed Chinese nationals to enter the U.S. illegally by the tens of thousands through his open borders. How many of these men are sent by the CCP to infiltrate and spy on U.S. technology centers and critical infrastructure? How many are sleeper agents sent strategically ahead of military action or to devastate national infrastructures, key utilities, and communications?  

Even with intelligence officials warning that these pose a “new and imminent danger” to the U.S., Biden blatantly has refused to secure our borders for three years and allowed foreign nationals from adversarial countries like China and Russia to increasingly gain access into our country. Biden has the presidential authority to secure our borders, so why won’t he?

Take a listen to Dr. Shea Bradly-Farrell’s interview on Rush To Reason as she explains the intricacies of what is actually happening at the border and the real threat it has to America’s citizens. 

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COVID-19, A Man-Made Disaster

COVID-19, A Man-Made Disaster

COVID-19, A Man-Made Disaster

This man-made disaster has paper trails showing that covid-19 was a lab leak, yet, Anthony Fauci is twisting himself into a pretzel, trying to come up with other ways from Sunday that it wasn’t. It’s now being suggested that it might have come from a raccoon dog.  But the reality is, this is more obfuscation. More shiny objects. Covid-19 came from a lab, and they don’t want to acknowledge it because of the fingerprints of people like Anthony Fauci and, unfortunately, the US government are on this gain of function research.

This man-made disaster has not only decimated the economies of most of the world’s greatest nations but has resulted in the death of millions and millions of people.

It Came from a Lab Leak and Here is Why

“I believe the data are unassailable that it came from the lab. Let’s start with the science, just very briefly. This is not a naturally occurring genetic sequence. It has huge components of it that were spliced in, that occur not in any naturally occurring that virus or any previous coronavirus. The chance that this happened randomly is fundamentally zero. On top of it, we know this was gain of function research. There’s absolutely no question that Anthony Fauci and the NIAID and the NIH were involved in the United States doing gain of function up to 2014, when President Obama, that administration, put a moratorium on gain of function.

… They were already working with the Chinese, but they were doing it here in the United States at places like my alma mater, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill with Ralph Barrack, and other places, including the University of Texas in Galveston.

So they simply transferred work in progress, gain of function research, and they transferred it through this bogus corporation, eco Health Alliance to try to hide what they were doing. And they transferred work in progress and continued it without missing a beat. That is clear. The paper trail is clear.

And if we ever get our hands on the documents, which there is unanimous agreement in Congress that these should be made available to the public, then everyone’s going to know about it. And they’re going to know that the US government, the DoD, the NIH, Anthony Fauci, and a heck of a lot of other people were involved in this.” – Dr. Kelly Victory

The Vax & Reproductive Health

This Man-Made Disaster Will Continue for a Long Time to Come.

Unfortunately, in the case of reproductive health, these vaccines are a problem. The mRNA is a lipid nanoparticle, and they are toxic in their own right. We know that significant amounts of the vaccine material, 11% in the biodistribution study, 11% of the jabs product end up in the reproductive organs, specifically the ovaries and the testes. There are countries in the world that have been declared demographic disaster areas, post COVID vaccines, because they’re losing so many women, are losing so many babies from stillbirths and pregnancies ending in miscarriages.

Spike Protein Relief

Nattokinase, is an enzyme derived from NATTO, a fermented soybean cheese-like substance proven to have cardioprotective properties and may help reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. It’s one of the reasons people believe that the Japanese who eat a lot of this substance have a lower risk of cardiovascular disease. We’re finding out that it has some protective effect against the adverse effects from the spike protein.

Why is Covid Being Pushed so Hard?

Why is Covid Being Pushed so Hard?

John Rush and Steve House take a deep dive into the many factors of Covid and how the Biden Administration is using this to control social media and unlawfully claim that an emergency use authorization vaccination is safe.

Overall what we are witnessing is what the North Koreans, Chinese, and Russian governments do to their people. This is what happens in those countries, not the United States.  It looks like the Chinese game system of social scoring is coming to America. As a citizen, you get a score. 

The Biden Administration is pushing a war with the American people and it’s escalating very rapidly.  This huge control factor is being pushed by the powers that be. And in this case, it’s the White House and the folks that are on the far left.

An excerpt from John and Steve’s Commentary

John: And, Steve, I’m just confused as to why we, as a populist have given them this much power and why we haven’t resisted before. Now there’s still very little resistance out there.

Steve: Yeah, I know. And this was a very big topic of conversation over the weekend because I was actually in a spiritual setting talking to some folks who are just good Christians like I am. And everybody came back with sort of the same conclusion, which is, we’re trying to be told not to fight because fighting is politically incorrect. So you take away in the Christian sense, you take away onward Christian soldier. You take away, battle hymn of the Republic. You don’t sing those songs anymore because they’re an implication that there’s evil in the world and you have to fight it. What you’re really supposed to do is be quiet and go along and not rock the boat. And we’ve got people who are fact-checking us, who are clearly biased in what they’re doing. It’s time to fight it’s long past time to fight. And if we don’t do it, we’re going to get stuff that we never even dreamed.

John: Yet when did it become? Because I don’t know the answer to this Steve, when did it become acceptable in Christian circles and conservative circles to literally stop fighting for fear that we would be labeled some sort of a whack job or somebody that’s way out there on their beliefs or what have you when, in fact, I can go all the way back in time, even when Christ walked this Earth and there wasn’t anything about Jesus Christ himself that wasn’t polarizing. He was, at the time, the most polarizing individual on the planet, and in a lot of ways started the ruckus Himself. He did that in the temple. There was nothing mealy-mouth about this guy whatsoever. And yet, as a Church were the opposite of that today.

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The Population Bomb? It’s a Dud.

The Population Bomb? It’s a Dud.

If Ever There Were an Ironclad Scientific Consensus, This Was It.
And They Were Wrong.

The population bomb, doomsday scam, the narrative we’ve been forced fed for decades is finally being abandoned by its strictest adherence.

As reported in the American Spectator.

“This is out of The American Spectator. But they pulled some things even out of The Wall Street Journal. And the reality is, I could really say this, probably in one sentence. It never happened, folks. There never was an overpopulation of the Earth.

In fact, we have now entered into a day and age where there is a lot of countries, including the likes of China, where they’re looking at their own population, saying, wait a minute. We don’t have enough young people running around to really meet the demand of what we as a country and economy need moving forward.” – John Rush


The greatest environmental demographic scare of the second half of the century, overpopulation is now officially conceded to have been a monumental fraud.


baby on earth

To appreciate what an embarrassing reversal this is for the Green movement. Consider that 40 to 50 years ago, nearly all the scientists, policymakers, Us government agencies, and experts at the UN told us that a rampaging population growth would lead to the doomsday with the world in our lifetime running out of food, energy, and nearly everything else.

Does this sound familiar, folks? Does this sound a lot like global warming, climate change, where you have, quote, Unquote, all of the experts, including the government and the UN, believing that if we don’t do something, that the existential threat right now, the largest crisis you’ve heard Joe Biden and his crony say this, the biggest threat we have in the world today is climate change. Does it not sound eerily familiar to overpopulation?



“The New York Times put the point even more emphatically in its coverage of this amazing twist of fate by acknowledging in a headline that the dreaded population bomb of the 1960s and ’70s has turned into a global population bust. Folks, the reason why I’m reading this to you is because these are things that I’ve talked about on this program now off and on for the past seven years.” ~ John Rush

Greg Bloom from Barber’s Foods on Food, Freedom, and Mental Blocks

Greg Bloom from Barber’s Foods on Food, Freedom, and Mental Blocks

Food, Freedom, and Mental Blocks ~ Show Clips

Greg’s experience of living in Southeast Asia for two years.
What is the Strangest food John has eaten?
Jersey Joe Comments on working and eating in Communist China.
Tabasco on Ice cream. Monkey brains. Why are the Wagyu steaks so popular?
Why the bad wrap on Hot dogs isn’t deserved and how they are made. The best and the worst of hot dogs and what is the best way to cook one. (Hot dog info 34:15)

Greg Bloom – Barber’s Foods 

Hour One Highlights 

  • Wagyu Sliced Beef Pucks:
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  • John from Cheyenne and his go-to Brats with Beer.
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  • The Steak Test.
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  • How Barber’s Foods packaging makes meats last longer. Much longer.
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  • Limitations on buying half or quarter of beef.
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  • Grass-fed vs. Grain-fed.
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  • Kabobs cooking how-to.
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  • Biggest cooking mistakes with beef, food safety, and the cookie sheet method.
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  • Cooking with a smoker.
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  • Brine poultry for smoking.
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  • Breading of conventional turkeys and how to cook.
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  • Chicken wings shortage.
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  • Ken called in asking about brine.
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  • Opening/running a restaurant.
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  • Low and slow cooking tips.
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Barber's Foods

Fauci, China, and Covid


This guy (Fauci) is pure evil, folks. I’m here to tell you pure evil every time I hear him talk, it just it’s like fingernails on a chalkboard, hearing his voice and listening to the doublespeak that continues to come out of his mouth even today, in the condescending tone that he has towards those that frankly probably know more about it than he does in a lot of cases

Listen to all of John’s comments in the video 

Summaries from John’s broadcast

On Masks
~ Richard’s, 28, his age group has bought into this thing hook, line, and sinker. Yes, there are certain exceptions to that. When I’m out and about and I look around and I look at the people that are actually wearing masks, it’s not my age group. It’s his age. Richard says it’s because of them being taught how to virtue-signal others. This is all about virtue signaling. And that’s why his age group does some of the things they do.

Somebody called in, who didn’t want to go on air. And I can understand why. He works in the medical field and said that where he works, at least around his area. They call Fauci the murderer that shows up to the funeral of the dead person they killed. Thank you, by the way, for saying that. At least I’m not the only one out here that feels that way. This guy is pure evil, folks.

Fauci and Rand Paul – This guy (Fauci) is pure evil. Every time I hear him talk, it just it’s like fingernails on a chalkboard, hearing his voice and listening to the doublespeak that continues to come out of his mouth in the condescending tone that he has towards others who probably know more about it than he does. The likes of Rand Paul, who really does understand this probably better than Fauci could ever imagine. Rand is probably a guy that Fauci’s actually met his match with. Fauci can do all the doublespeak and everybody else except for Rand Paul will probably believe him, because Ran doesn’t put up with it, and Fauci met his match.

Fauci is a fake and a fraud. I often wonder why Trump didn’t fire him from day one, which he should have. We would not be in this situation we’re in today as a country, especially economically speaking. You really literally could blame Fauci; and I do for some of the things that Steve and I talked about a little bit ago, when it comes to the high suicide rate we have in kids, the high rate of alcoholism, the higher rate of prescription drug use. I can go down the list. And Yes, I blame him and solely him for all of that. Why do I blame him? Because he was the top dog.

He was telling not only the President but the task force that had been assembled what to do, how to handle things, and was literally in the ear of the CDC telling them what to do as well. He is, in my opinion, the reason why over half of Americans no longer trust the CDC, which by the way, means they don’t trust the government, and frankly, they shouldn’t. This thing has been handled, in my opinion, in the most backwards fashion from day one all the way back a year plus ago. The two-week slow the spread went into 12 months of death, economically speaking, across the country.

Didn’t matter whether you had a business or not. We’re just going to take it away from you, especially if you’re a quote, unquote non-essential worker. Who in the world thought of that name? Only some Liberal lefty would think of non-essential because that’s how they view life ~ non-essential. You’re a baby in the womb. Non-essential. You’re an old person sucking off a system. Non-essential. You can’t contribute to society any longer. Non-essential. You get where I’m going with this folks?

The Democrats don’t value life. They’re the ones that came up with the essential slash, nonessential term, in my opinion. And I think the reason why I say that is, I was saying all the way through covid, all the way back a year plus ago, Charlie can validate this, I said everybody was essential back then because everybody matters. Everybody’s job matters. There’s no such thing as essential or Non-essential. Charlie and I were considered essential because we’re on the radio.

Tell me how we’re more essential than the guy Loading lumber at Home Depot or the person that’s going to fill up my coffee at Starbucks or that’s going to handle making my dinner at night when I don’t feel like making my own. I want to stop on the way home and grab something. Tell me how any of those people were any less essential than Charlie and I. I even had this letter that I was able to carry around all last year driving in case I got stopped and said, Yes, I’m an essential person. Charlie had one as well. It came from the Defense Department. I should probably frame that bloody thing. I mean, come on, people really, who came up with that terminology, Essential versus non-essential, other than folks like Fauci himself. I was saying a year ago that Fauci was Satan’sbrother. I still believe that, folks, I’m not going to change my mind on that.

Lawmakers call for Fauci’s resignation or firing ‘immediately’ amid COVID flip-flops. Article here.

Obama and his “Third Term” 

Video Here
John’s comments hereMobile users begin at 41:57

Steve House

Covid Vaccine/Vaccine Shaming  
Side effects and deaths from the vaccine.
No extra benefit in getting a vaccine when you have the anti-bodies 

Mild coronavirus infection leaves behind lasting antibody protection, research suggests. Article here

Medical Journal papers Steve used during the interview, click here.

Interview hereMobile users begin at 28:04