This guy (Fauci) is pure evil, folks. I’m here to tell you pure evil every time I hear him talk, it just it’s like fingernails on a chalkboard, hearing his voice and listening to the doublespeak that continues to come out of his mouth even today, in the condescending tone that he has towards those that frankly probably know more about it than he does in a lot of cases

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On Masks
~ Richard’s, 28, his age group has bought into this thing hook, line, and sinker. Yes, there are certain exceptions to that. When I’m out and about and I look around and I look at the people that are actually wearing masks, it’s not my age group. It’s his age. Richard says it’s because of them being taught how to virtue-signal others. This is all about virtue signaling. And that’s why his age group does some of the things they do.

Somebody called in, who didn’t want to go on air. And I can understand why. He works in the medical field and said that where he works, at least around his area. They call Fauci the murderer that shows up to the funeral of the dead person they killed. Thank you, by the way, for saying that. At least I’m not the only one out here that feels that way. This guy is pure evil, folks.

Fauci and Rand Paul – This guy (Fauci) is pure evil. Every time I hear him talk, it just it’s like fingernails on a chalkboard, hearing his voice and listening to the doublespeak that continues to come out of his mouth in the condescending tone that he has towards others who probably know more about it than he does. The likes of Rand Paul, who really does understand this probably better than Fauci could ever imagine. Rand is probably a guy that Fauci’s actually met his match with. Fauci can do all the doublespeak and everybody else except for Rand Paul will probably believe him, because Ran doesn’t put up with it, and Fauci met his match.

Fauci is a fake and a fraud. I often wonder why Trump didn’t fire him from day one, which he should have. We would not be in this situation we’re in today as a country, especially economically speaking. You really literally could blame Fauci; and I do for some of the things that Steve and I talked about a little bit ago, when it comes to the high suicide rate we have in kids, the high rate of alcoholism, the higher rate of prescription drug use. I can go down the list. And Yes, I blame him and solely him for all of that. Why do I blame him? Because he was the top dog.

He was telling not only the President but the task force that had been assembled what to do, how to handle things, and was literally in the ear of the CDC telling them what to do as well. He is, in my opinion, the reason why over half of Americans no longer trust the CDC, which by the way, means they don’t trust the government, and frankly, they shouldn’t. This thing has been handled, in my opinion, in the most backwards fashion from day one all the way back a year plus ago. The two-week slow the spread went into 12 months of death, economically speaking, across the country.

Didn’t matter whether you had a business or not. We’re just going to take it away from you, especially if you’re a quote, unquote non-essential worker. Who in the world thought of that name? Only some Liberal lefty would think of non-essential because that’s how they view life ~ non-essential. You’re a baby in the womb. Non-essential. You’re an old person sucking off a system. Non-essential. You can’t contribute to society any longer. Non-essential. You get where I’m going with this folks?

The Democrats don’t value life. They’re the ones that came up with the essential slash, nonessential term, in my opinion. And I think the reason why I say that is, I was saying all the way through covid, all the way back a year plus ago, Charlie can validate this, I said everybody was essential back then because everybody matters. Everybody’s job matters. There’s no such thing as essential or Non-essential. Charlie and I were considered essential because we’re on the radio.

Tell me how we’re more essential than the guy Loading lumber at Home Depot or the person that’s going to fill up my coffee at Starbucks or that’s going to handle making my dinner at night when I don’t feel like making my own. I want to stop on the way home and grab something. Tell me how any of those people were any less essential than Charlie and I. I even had this letter that I was able to carry around all last year driving in case I got stopped and said, Yes, I’m an essential person. Charlie had one as well. It came from the Defense Department. I should probably frame that bloody thing. I mean, come on, people really, who came up with that terminology, Essential versus non-essential, other than folks like Fauci himself. I was saying a year ago that Fauci was Satan’sbrother. I still believe that, folks, I’m not going to change my mind on that.

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