Boulder County Fires December 30, 2021

Boulder County Fires December 30, 2021

Need Insurance Help After the Fire? 

Why use a Public Adjuster?

When it comes to the insurance claims process, leave it to the professionals.  Bottom line:  you need representation.  You need an advocate.  When a storm occurs, most people pick up the phone and call their insurance agent to file a claim for any kind of damages that may have occurred.  Then, the insurance company sends out an employee or an independent contractor to assess the damages and formulate a determination.  That employee will work out the balance based on the insurance company’s interests, and hopefully yours.  You want this balance to be fair and just.  How do you know that the determination is fair? How do you know if you have been adequately compensated for the damages?  What if they missed or overlooked critical components?  They work for the insurance companies, so they are inclined to pay as little as they can get away with.  Having a public adjuster involved takes the worry and guesswork out of it. 

Matt Stanford – Paragon Services


Interview Here.

Need Site Cleanup? 

We can help. The Marshall fire will be remembered as one of the largest and most destructive fires in Colorado history. But being true to our Colorado spirit we will begin again. Call us to help with your site cleanup. We have skids, loaders, trailers, excavators, large debris removal, and other equipment to help you rebuild. Call us at (303) 444-2841 or go to

A Street Rally Opposing Government Forced Work Vaccine Mandates

A Street Rally Opposing Government Forced Work Vaccine Mandates

Millions of workers in every industry are being forced by the government to be vaccinated or lose their jobs. Bodily autonomy is being trampled and privacy is being breached – all by the hands of the government.  This rally is not against vaccines, it is against force. It is in support of choice. One size does not fit all.

November 20, 2021
1-3 pm

Thornton Parkway
Thornton, CO

(just off I-25)


For more information go to their website.

Thank a Veteran Today. The Sacrifice is Incredible.

Thank a Veteran Today. The Sacrifice is Incredible.

John and Richard Battle’s tribute to all of those who served in the United States Military.


Interview Recorded on Wednesday, November 10, 2021

John: Let’s talk about Veterans Day being tomorrow and things that have gone on in our history. And it’s one of those days that I hope we never forget. I tend to feel like we put a little less meaning and emphasis on it year after year, and I hope that’s not the case. I hope I’m wrong, Richard.

Richard: Well, I think that is the case and my sense of that part of the reason I wanted to talk about it because it’s so important for we adults to train our children and grandchildren so that we can appreciate the sacrifice of millions of people going back all the way to the Revolutionary War, who gave us what we have today. And if we don’t do that, then they’re going to think it’s always been like this and it will always be like this regardless of what our behavior is. And that’s when we get in trouble.

John: Yes, you are exactly right. So first Veterans Day involved from the First Armistice Day on November 11, 1919, talk about that.

Richard: Well, I think that the war to end all wars and we know how that finished up. We’ve had so many wars afterwards, but they were trying to commemorate on November 11, 1919, the first anniversary of the end of World War One. And later in 26th, the Congress recognized it, and it became a holiday in 1938. And then in 1954, it was changed to Veterans Day to celebrate veterans from our entire history, not just the First World War. And I think that’s so important to celebrate and thank everyone.

John: Well said, I’d have to go back and do the math. But we’re going on roughly 102 years. Am I saying that right?

Richard: Well, that would be correct. From the first Armistice Day, two years from the end of the war. Yes.

John: So we as a nation are, with the exception of times of the military draft. We’re a volunteer service military, if you would where like Israel, for example, I think they’re still doing this today, Richard. At least they did when I toured there a while back. And that is when you’re of age, you go into the military for two years period in the country of Israel, you have no choice. It’s not a volunteer military as my point.

Richard: That’s correct. And since the last draft ended in 1973, and we’ve been all-volunteer and that makes it even more impressive in my mind. As you know, there’s been up and downtimes in our country, and for people to continue to volunteer to go, serve and put themselves on the line up to the ultimate sacrifice. Just says so much for our country and the heart of our people.

John: And we’ve had over those years, of course, Richard, men, women, young, old, some even so young, they shouldn’t have been there, but fake their way in that probably couldn’t happen today.

Listen to the full interview as John and Richard uncover some forgotten stories about the heart of our people and their love of neighbor and country.

Women’s Service 

  • Revolutionary War – primarily support 
    • Few cases of women dressing like men and fighting (Deborah Sampson) 
  • Civil War – In addition, to support, served as spies and smugglers. 
    • Dr. Mary Walker – Only woman awarded a Medal of Honor (spy and doctor) 
  • Spanish- American War – Impact of nurses led to the development of a nurse’s corps. 
  • World War I – 35,000 served to hasten the passage of the 19th amendment 
  • World War II – In addition to the military, many served in manufacturing jobs to free up men to serve 
  • 1970’s women enter military academy’s and increase combat training 
  • Today, women serve in almost all units and theaters 

Volunteer military have historic achievements 

  • George Washington – became the father of our country. 
  • John Paul Jones – Founder of the US Navy – “I’ve Not Yet Begun to Fight!” 
  • Joshua Chamberlain – went from theology teacher, to hero, to 4 term governor of Maine 
  • Theodore Roosevelt – San Juan Hill fame led him to be president of the US 
  • Audie Murphy – Underrated individual who became a hero and then an actor 
  • Travis Mills – Lost 3 limbs in War on Terror. Inspires people, If I can do it, you can also 

Thank you
Military Families!

The Chief’s Chief: Mark Meadows

The Chief’s Chief: Mark Meadows

Mark Meadows, Former White House Chief of Staff to President Donald J. Trump and author of The Chief’s Chief

When Mark Meadows took control of the Trump White House in March of 2020, the nation was in turmoil. A deadly coronavirus had arrived from Wuhan, China, and brought the rhythm of daily life under President Trump—defined by a soaring stock market, sinking unemployment rates, and a renewed sense of pride in being an American—to a grinding halt. Our streets were empty. Our hospitals were full.  

Millions of Americans were scared, lonely, and unemployed, all while the global economy teetered on the edge of collapse. One wrong move by President Trump and his team could have ushered in years, even decades, of irreparable harm.  

In this frank, candid account of his ten months in the White House, Mark Meadows—known simply as “The Chief” around the West Wing—tells the harrowing story of how he and a close team of loyal advisors helped President Trump bring the country back from the brink of catastrophe. In a style that is accessible, suspenseful, and often humorous, Meadows pulls back the curtain on the West Wing as it was run by President Trump, fighting the false narrative of the Fake News with the hard, unvarnished truth.  

This is the definitive book about the final year of President Trump’s first term, told by the only man (other than President Trump himself) who was there for every minute of it. 

Listen to the full interview here.

Photo is from the Book Cover

Protest in Larimer County

Protest in Larimer County

An event to protest a new initiative to promote vaccine passports and current mandates in Larimer County with Del Bigtree, Kevin Jenkins, Michelle Malkin and state reps and others on Nov 1 at 10 am at the Larimer Health Department. 1525 Blue Spruce Sr., Fort Collins. It will be live-streamed through Children’s Health and