The Kangaroo Court After Trump and How You Could be Next

Jan 16, 2024 | Democrats, Trump, Uncategorized

Did Trump do something unusual to get financing – more favorable loans for his business dealings, or is this an abuse of political power by the Democrats to keep him from conducting business in the state of New York and putting another feather in their cap to be used against him on the campaign trail?

However, the question remains: Is Trump guilty of fraud? John explains why he isn’t and tackles the long-term ramifications, its domino effect, and how this case could be used against other people in the commercial real estate world, right down to the average American homeowner.

Take a listen as John explains the ins and outs of this court case.  Later in this segment, John from Cheyenne called in and offered his insights, creating more angles on how to view this court case and what it can mean in the future.  

“Normally, when you have court cases like this and the state is going after an individual, they’re going after people like contractors.  We had one recently here in Colorado where there was a contractor that I think took people for several million dollars when it was all said and done because he never completed the projects. He kept getting deposit after deposit after deposit, but nothing ever got completed. That is fraud.” – John Rush

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