On the Ground in Israel – Alex Plechash

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LtCol Alex Plechash, USMC (ret.), joined us and shared his experiences from his journey to Israel, visiting the October 7, 2023 terrorist sites. As the Minnesota National RNC Committeeman, Alex was part of an RNC group that gained access to some of Israel’s top leadership and regions profoundly affected by terrorism. Take a listen to the interview below and find out more through Alex’s writings from his Facebook posts.

“I mean this literally, Alex; these guys (Hamas) are just literal evil butchers. I have no other explanation for it. In my opinion. They just need to be wiped off the planet. Done.”  – John Rush

“… This is a deep-seated issue that transcends local current politics. I’ve seen where these people (Palestinians) are brainwashed from the moment they come into this world. I’ve seen interviews where the mothers of these little kids are saying they hope they grow up to kill Jews, and it is an anti-semitic culture that is worldwide.” – Alex Plechash.

“How can you leave that people group there in Gaza next to you and think that these people, once you get rid of the people who they think are their heroes, Hamas, once you get rid of their heroes, how can you think they’re not going to rise up again and become the same problem in less than a decade?” – Andy Peth

The attack on Israeli civilians

“I’m not an expert, but my geopolitical assessment is that we might be seeing the beginnings of World War three. This may be the trigger that causes a domino effect around the world, and it’ll depend on what happens in other places in the world that are looking to see what is Israel doing and what are we doing to either help them or not help them. So from a geopolitical standpoint, this may be a far bigger thing than any of us realize.” – Alex Plechash

“I don’t know that I can argue with that.” – John Rush

Alex Plechash - On the Ground in Israel

Link to Facebook post

Link to Facebook post

Alex Plechash, LtCol USMC (ret.)

Alex Plechash, LtCol USMC (ret.)

MN RNC Committeeman

Alex is a graduate of the United States Naval Academy being the top-ranked Marine and Aerospace Engineer in his class. He spent his military career as a Marine Corps fighter pilot and fleet test pilot, flying a variety of different jets, including three different models of the F-4 Phantom. Since leaving the Marine Corps, he has had a successful and diverse career as a business executive, investment banker, and as an executive recruiter. Alex has been active in politics for over twenty years, holding various elected legislative roles. He has ascended through the ranks of the Republican Party, from local precinct chairman to a member of the Republican National Committee.