Epic Legal Win in Vaccine Mandate Battle

Epic Legal Win in Vaccine Mandate Battle

Epic Legal Win in Vaccine Mandate Battle

In a riveting conversation on Rush To Reason, host John Rush welcomes back Leslie Manookian, president and founder of the Health Freedom Defense Fund, to discuss a groundbreaking legal victory that could reshape public health mandates nationwide. Leslie shares the dramatic twists and turns of their battle against the Los Angeles Unified School District, culminating in a landmark decision by the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals. This discussion uncovers the intricate legal strategies, the surprising role of historical cases, and the potential national implications. Tune in to hear how this epic legal win could affect us all and challenge the status quo of vaccine mandates. Don’t miss this compelling episode!

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Communism in America’s Healthcare System

Communism in America’s Healthcare System

Communism in America’s Healthcare System

Dr. Renata Moon, MD, discussed with John ethical concerns regarding mandates, censorship, silencing of physicians, medical education and indoctrination of future doctors, loss of free speech, parental rights, and her concerns about protocol-driven medicine.  They also discussed communism in the American healthcare system and how communists take down a country. 

Communism is Still a Live and Well Today

John Rush – Q: “Does anyone really believe Marxist communism ideas were organic? The reality is, I feel no, they’re not. And those ideals, by the way, as you know, are still around today.”

Dr. Moon  – A: “Yeah. My mom, who fled here in her mid-20s, was taught how to take down a country like ours when she was in high school. They were actively being taught this … And she obviously hasn’t done anything to hurt our nation. She loves America, but this was something that has been in the works for quite some time.”

How to Bring Down a County

“They [high schoolers] were just basic things like breakdown the family structure, cause lawlessness and chaos, do as much to disrupt society and the normal pace of things as you can, take over the media, she recalls, during the communist era, and I remember it when I first went to visit my grandparents, they had no news. They had propaganda everywhere. Right. And I was a little kid, but my grandma sat me down in her apartment, and we were listening to The Voice of America, which was us, the Americans, typing in the truth to her communist country. And I just remember feeling so proud as a kid. This is my nation pumping in the truth. And look where we are right now.”  – Dr. Renata Moon, MD

Find out more about the history of covid and what the mainstream media won’t report. Plus how physicians have been targeted, censored, and threatened.

Fascism in America

Fascism in America

This is Absolute Fascism

California Bill 2098 has passed the California Assembly. Gavin Newsom will most likely sign it. … In other words, if you come out as a doctor and say you don’t necessarily agree with what the CDC has done or has said, or you don’t agree with the mask mandates, or you don’t agree with how they’ve rolled out the vaccine, or what the vaccine would even do to you as their patient, they could be in big trouble in the state of California. They are criminalizing medical opinion. This is absolute fascism.


Excerpts from Hour 2 on September 13, 2022

They’re Ignoring the VARs Site

“Data from the Federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, or the CDC, shows that unvaccinated individuals are at a risk of dying from COVID-19, which is eleven times greater than those who are fully vaccinated, which is not true. It’s a lie. But if you’re a doctor, if this passes and you’re a doctor in California, and you say what Andy and I just said that this is an out-and-out lie, they can yank your license, you’re done. Even if you roll out evidence.” … “The safety and efficacy of the covid-19 vaccines have been confirmed through evaluation by the FDA and the vaccines continue to undergo intensive safety monitoring by the CDC. That’s BS as well. Totally. They’re really ignoring the VARs site. Completely.” – John Rush

Making a Decision about RNA/mRNA vaccine technologies

When the Left sees that someone or something is more successful than them,
all they try to do is tear it down.

Leftism: A Mental Illness

In the first hour, it was pointed out that some people got a gift from the government with college loan forgiveness and that it should be forgiven because they were just 18. Eighteen-year-olds have signed on the dotted line to go to war. At 18, you’re responsible enough to know what you’re signing. At 18, if you don’t know what you’re signing, “then you never should have left Mommy’s basement. You should have just stayed there. You should have a baby bottle and a pacifier in your mouth … ” – John from Cheyenne

The Ludicrous Thing is This.

We believe (as a nation) that young people, and I mean by young, I mean kids in single digits for age are responsible enough to decide whether they have their own bodies cut up so they can change their gender or take puberty blockers without the consent of their parents. … The Left believes that at that age you are responsible enough to make decisions that will affect your body forever. However, they don’t believe that teenagers and people in their early 20s should be held responsible for decisions they made about their education. Oh, they’re too young, and they shouldn’t be held responsible for that. Think about it.” – Andy Peth

Think About It.

… It’s not just because the Left is drunk on spending money, they know they can cripple an economy of a state or a nation is by a financial matter, Eventually spending it into oblivion. The Left’s ultimate goal is to destroy the United States of America, and they’ll do it state by state. Through the overreach of Government, “by helping people,” – helping themselves retain power.



The Left’s ultimate goal is to destroy the United States of America

“At no time in American history has it been OK to grab the personal communications of someone’s lawyer because those are privileged. Not anymore.” – Tucker Carlson (Video) “Folks, this is, again, to go back to what we were talking about with California. This is almost to the letter, we didn’t have social media and the means that we have today to communicate, but this is almost to the letter of what happened in Nazi Germany …” – John Rush.

When the Left sees that someone or something is more successful than them, all they try to do is tear it down.

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Protest in Larimer County

Protest in Larimer County

An event to protest a new initiative to promote vaccine passports and current mandates in Larimer County with Del Bigtree, Kevin Jenkins, Michelle Malkin and state reps and others on Nov 1 at 10 am at the Larimer Health Department. 1525 Blue Spruce Sr., Fort Collins. It will be live-streamed through Children’s Health DefenseFund.org and TheHighwire.com

Covid: Why are We Continuing to Discriminate?

Covid: Why are We Continuing to Discriminate?

Covid: Why are We Continuing to Discriminate?

John: “Where I am going to complain, though. Maybe complaint isn’t the right word, but correct me if I’m wrong. But I’m so tired of seeing what I consider to be false headlines and things that are in the news on a daily basis. There’s an article that just came out in KDVR, Colorado. Doctors sound off on Merck’s pill to treat COVID-19. And essentially, this whole article is about how doctors would love to have some sort of an antiviral pill that they can actually give patients. In other words, they want to be able to treat patients for covid. Now, we already know that you can do that already, Dr. Kelly. But basically what this article gets down to as well. Ultimately, though, we just need to get people vaccinated that’ll be the cure. That’s not true.”

Dr. Kelly Victory: ” No, it’s not true. And this is my issue for the duration of this pandemic. John, I am not anti-vaccine. I’m very pro-vaccine, and I certainly hope that we ultimately are able to create vaccines for lots of viruses, covid being one. But the reality is this is never the singular best approach, particularly when we have a long list of very safe, readily available, very inexpensive drugs that treat COVID. Yet from the beginning of this pandemic, there’s been an absolute refusal to acknowledge it. It’s full of therapeutic nihilism. Just let’s ignore the fact that we have drugs like Hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin and vitamin D and zinc and steroids, all of which have tremendous efficacy against code. And instead, let’s only focus on vaccine, vaccine, vaccine. It just defies sense.”

John: “And yet there’s another story that I was reading today and to get to all of the details of it. But Sean Coon, a senior majoring in exercise and sports science at the University of Georgia, passed away on October 11. So just a few days ago after battling covid 19, and then he got pneumonia that happened for about six weeks, but he was fully vaccinated.”

Dr. Kelly Victory: ” I’m not anti-vaccine. But the reality is that these particular vaccines for covid are brand new that had very limited testing. And the reality is you can’t possibly have extensive data on them because they haven’t been around long enough. Okay, start with that. On top of it, we know that they were never intended to prevent someone from contracting covid. The best they can hope to do is decrease the severity of the illness. So we’re seeing huge numbers of what you would call breakthrough cases, meaning people who are fully vaccinated come down with covid anyway. As a result, we know that they can not only get COVID become symptomatic, but they clearly can spread it. And there was a big study just two weeks ago out of the University of California, Davis, showing that vaccinated and unvaccinated people, regardless have the same amount of virus in their noses and throats when they get sick. So there’s really no significant difference in their ability to spread the virus to others, which really begs the question, why are we continuing to discriminate against people who are vaccinated versus unvaccinated?

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