Communism in America’s Healthcare System

Communism in America’s Healthcare System

Communism in America’s Healthcare System

Dr. Renata Moon, MD, discussed with John ethical concerns regarding mandates, censorship, silencing of physicians, medical education and indoctrination of future doctors, loss of free speech, parental rights, and her concerns about protocol-driven medicine.  They also discussed communism in the American healthcare system and how communists take down a country. 

Communism is Still a Live and Well Today

John Rush – Q: “Does anyone really believe Marxist communism ideas were organic? The reality is, I feel no, they’re not. And those ideals, by the way, as you know, are still around today.”

Dr. Moon  – A: “Yeah. My mom, who fled here in her mid-20s, was taught how to take down a country like ours when she was in high school. They were actively being taught this … And she obviously hasn’t done anything to hurt our nation. She loves America, but this was something that has been in the works for quite some time.”

How to Bring Down a County

“They [high schoolers] were just basic things like breakdown the family structure, cause lawlessness and chaos, do as much to disrupt society and the normal pace of things as you can, take over the media, she recalls, during the communist era, and I remember it when I first went to visit my grandparents, they had no news. They had propaganda everywhere. Right. And I was a little kid, but my grandma sat me down in her apartment, and we were listening to The Voice of America, which was us, the Americans, typing in the truth to her communist country. And I just remember feeling so proud as a kid. This is my nation pumping in the truth. And look where we are right now.”  – Dr. Renata Moon, MD

Find out more about the history of covid and what the mainstream media won’t report. Plus how physicians have been targeted, censored, and threatened.