Seven Years in Prison for Arresting a Murder Suspect

Mar 27, 2023 | Police Officers, The Pipe Hitter Foundation, Uncategorized, Woke

“You never know who you’re arresting. And in this case, this guy had just killed someone. He has nothing left to lose. The only thing standing between him and going to prison is this one officer in front of him.” – Brooke Livingston, Fiancé of Officer Matthew Mistretta

Brooke Livingston, the fiancé of Officer Matthew Mistretta,  joined John and discussed how Officer Mistretta is facing seven years in prison for arresting a murder suspect because a woke anti-cop Michigan AG is invoking the George Floyd story to score political points.

So what did Mistretta do? He followed his training, placed the suspect on the ground, and put his knee (which AG Nessel has seized upon to draw similarities to Floyd) on the suspect while contacting the dispatcher. 


RELATED: Ashley Smith, the wife of wrongfully accused Officer Cody Smith, joined John and talked about her husband, who is now serving 14 years in prison for a police encounter with a suspect where he fired in self-defense. The Smith Family and Matthew Mistretta are being supported by The Pipe Hitter Foundation, which takes on cases of first responders who have been wrongfully accused.

Photo Credits: The Pipe Hitter Foundation