COVID-19, A Man-Made Disaster

Mar 23, 2023 | China, Covid, Dr Kelly Victory, Fauci, Government, Steve House, Uncategorized

This man-made disaster has paper trails showing that covid-19 was a lab leak, yet, Anthony Fauci is twisting himself into a pretzel, trying to come up with other ways from Sunday that it wasn’t. It’s now being suggested that it might have come from a raccoon dog.  But the reality is, this is more obfuscation. More shiny objects. Covid-19 came from a lab, and they don’t want to acknowledge it because of the fingerprints of people like Anthony Fauci and, unfortunately, the US government are on this gain of function research.

This man-made disaster has not only decimated the economies of most of the world’s greatest nations but has resulted in the death of millions and millions of people.

It Came from a Lab Leak and Here is Why

“I believe the data are unassailable that it came from the lab. Let’s start with the science, just very briefly. This is not a naturally occurring genetic sequence. It has huge components of it that were spliced in, that occur not in any naturally occurring that virus or any previous coronavirus. The chance that this happened randomly is fundamentally zero. On top of it, we know this was gain of function research. There’s absolutely no question that Anthony Fauci and the NIAID and the NIH were involved in the United States doing gain of function up to 2014, when President Obama, that administration, put a moratorium on gain of function.

… They were already working with the Chinese, but they were doing it here in the United States at places like my alma mater, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill with Ralph Barrack, and other places, including the University of Texas in Galveston.

So they simply transferred work in progress, gain of function research, and they transferred it through this bogus corporation, eco Health Alliance to try to hide what they were doing. And they transferred work in progress and continued it without missing a beat. That is clear. The paper trail is clear.

And if we ever get our hands on the documents, which there is unanimous agreement in Congress that these should be made available to the public, then everyone’s going to know about it. And they’re going to know that the US government, the DoD, the NIH, Anthony Fauci, and a heck of a lot of other people were involved in this.” – Dr. Kelly Victory

The Vax & Reproductive Health

This Man-Made Disaster Will Continue for a Long Time to Come.

Unfortunately, in the case of reproductive health, these vaccines are a problem. The mRNA is a lipid nanoparticle, and they are toxic in their own right. We know that significant amounts of the vaccine material, 11% in the biodistribution study, 11% of the jabs product end up in the reproductive organs, specifically the ovaries and the testes. There are countries in the world that have been declared demographic disaster areas, post COVID vaccines, because they’re losing so many women, are losing so many babies from stillbirths and pregnancies ending in miscarriages.

Spike Protein Relief

Nattokinase, is an enzyme derived from NATTO, a fermented soybean cheese-like substance proven to have cardioprotective properties and may help reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. It’s one of the reasons people believe that the Japanese who eat a lot of this substance have a lower risk of cardiovascular disease. We’re finding out that it has some protective effect against the adverse effects from the spike protein.