Forecasting a Tsunami of Death, Disease, and Suffering

Sep 14, 2023 | Covid, Dr Kelly Victory, Steve House, Uncategorized, Vaccines

It was a thought-provoking Rush To Reason episode hosted by John Rush. In today’s discussion, Dr. Kelly Victory and Steve House dove into the latest developments surrounding COVID, including the alarming occurrences of sudden deaths related to the COVID vaccine. With over 700 million potentially impacted, we’ll explore the ominous forecast of a tsunami of death, disease, and suffering.

They examined the XBB variant, which accounts for less than 4% of COVID cases, and the contentious push for boosters in light of a diminishing threat. Is Big Pharma’s quest to popularize mRNA technology overshadowing genuine concerns?

Furthermore, they investigated the implications of continuous spike protein production without an ‘off switch’ and ponder the lingering question: What could be the long-term consequences of these unprecedented times?

Take a listen to this gripping conversation that promises to shed light on these pressing issues.

“I’ve got to tell you, this is absolutely inexplicable, John, and for so many reasons.

Let’s start with the fact that these new boosters, which are monovalent boosters, people may recall that the previous [COVID] boosters were bivalent. They were predicated on both the Wuhan strain and Omicron. These new ones are just based on the XBB variant of Omicron.

So start with the fact that the XBB variant of Omicron currently constitutes about a little under 4% of all of the current cases of COVID. In other words, if you get COVID right now, there’s a better than 96% chance you’ve got a variant other than XBB, and within another couple of weeks, it’ll be gone entirely.

So, once again, they are selling a booster for a virus that is essentially gone.

Then add on top of that that these new boosters that somehow managed to get approved under the emergency use authorization, one wonders what emergency exactly is still ongoing, but they are under an emergency use authorization.

These shots were tested on a total of ten mice, not a single human being.
Ten mice. Ten mice were given this new booster, and they were compared to ten mice that got the old booster. So not even compared against a placebo. It is wrong on so many levels it makes my head want to explode.” – Dr. Kelly Victory