Because We Started Liberty

Aug 30, 2023 | Colorado, Education, Founding Fathers, Freedom, History, Uncategorized

Because of our Founder’s desire for liberty, slavery came here to die. A bold statement? Perhaps. The British owned slaves. We owned slaves. But when our country began with the premise that “All Men are Created Equal”, and the “Don’t Tread on Me” notification was sent to the King of England, less than a century later, slavery was abolished. After thousands of years of slavery running absolutely unchecked with all kinds of people owning all other kinds of other people, thousands of years after, in less than a century, slavery was abolished in this country.

John and Andy provided a history lesson to correct an incident involving a teacher’s lack of historical knowledge of the Gadsden flag. They rectified misconceptions, shed light on the significance of “Don’t Tread on Me!” and highlighted how accurate historical understanding is needed in today’s educational institutions. Take a listen as John and Andy connect the dots from the past to the present.

Rush To Reason with John Rush & Andy Peth

“But can I say really quick why I tied it into the foundations of our country? Because these educators, when they attack the Tea Party, they’re not really attacking the Tea Party or the right-wing. What they’re attacking is the foundations of this country. Because the Tea Party loves the foundations of this country. And so what their response from the left is the foundations of this country were racist. Okay. And therefore, your flag, which represents, let’s face it, the Tea Party, obviously because of what they’re drawing on your flag is racist because the Tea Party loves the foundations of this country, which were racist. And what I’m saying is the foundations of this country were actually common to the entire world at that time and led us out of that world to where there is no slavery.” – Andy Peth

“It’s the one thing the liberals always forget is the things that this country has done through its Judeo-Christian roots and capitalism along with it, which I know everybody [The political Left] wants to kill. … Between those two things is why the whole world is lifted up and in better shape today than it was even a hundred years ago.” – John Rush