Honoring Heroes: Remembering Their Ultimate Sacrifice

May 25, 2023 | Freedom, Military, Richard Battle, Uncategorized

Memorial Day is about honoring the heroes who made the ultimate sacrifice while serving our country. “We’re actually commemorating the people who sacrifice their lives in war to preserve and provide our freedom. And they would like us to celebrate our freedom, but I think we have to remember them first. And this particular holiday or commemoration has such a unique beginning because it began right after the Civil War.” – Richard Battle 

“And … we, as parents and or grandparents now, it’s our responsibility to make sure our kids and grandkids know what this means and what was given to help provide them the opportunity to have a cookout or go to the lake or whatever you want to do the rest of the weekend. We need to understand why. Because if we don’t teach our children and grandchildren today, the next generation will not remember. And then it will only be the holiday sales and the summer kickoff weekend.” – John Rush

Honoring Heroes, Because They Earned It.

“It’s every soldier that gave his or her life in combat. It’s our parents and grandparents. It’s the pioneers that braved the Oregon Trail and settled the country. The people all through history who’ve given us this great gift we have, they all scream out, earn this freedom. Earn it, and pass it on to the next generation. And that, to me, is what’s so important because it’s easy for us to take it for granted.” – Richard Battle

Grab your headphones, or better yet, share with your family and friends this conversation with John Rush and Richard Battle as they remind us of the importance of Memorial Day as they honor the heroes who gave the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom.