If You’re on Gaza’s Side

Oct 18, 2023 | Israel, Nathan Hecht, Uncategorized

Nathan Hecht joined John Rush for an interview about the UAW Strike and the repercussions it will have on the economy. What Nathan wasn’t prepared for was the question about Israel, the Gaza Strip, and Hamas.

Take a listen to their discussion on Rush To Reason about the situation in Israel and Gaza. They highlight the historical and current challenges Israel faces, the strategic advantages that the nation has historically demonstrated in conflicts, and the significant role of divine intervention in Israel’s victories. Find out about Nathan’s connections to the Israeli Defense Forces and what he personally has at stake. It’s an interview that brings the conflict into perspective and close to home.

“If you’re on Gaza’s side, you’re a Jew-hating racist, and I have no use for you.” – John Rush.

“In the history of this world, the thousands of years of documented history that we have, if you look back consistently with the good forces of the world were united, there is nothing that we can’t achieve. And you’re right that when the forces of evil perceive weakness on the other side, they exploit that weakness for their benefit.” – Nathan Hecht