Green Energy – Why You Might be Falling for It.

Nov 6, 2023 | Climate Change, Enviorment, EVs, Oil, Steve Goreham

In a recent eye-opening interview on Rush to Reason, host John Rush welcomed Steve Goreham, a renowned author and voice in the climate and energy dialogue. The conversation, brimming with revelations, brought insight into renewable energy, climate lockdowns, and overreaching government intervention.

Challenging Government Overreach

The conversation took off with a critical view of government policies. Goreham argued that these policies often lead to more control over individuals’ lives, stifling the free market’s ability to reward hard work. The duo underscored the abundance of energy resources available and how current economic policies squander those resources.

The Irony of Green Energy

A highlight of the interview was the discussion on the true nature of green energy. Goreham and Rush agreed that the term ‘green energy’ is misleading, suggesting that without oil, the foundation of green technology crumbles. The “green energy” term is an oxymoron, as oil is integral to producing wind turbines and solar panels, which, through propaganda, is labeled as ‘green.’

The Economic Impact of Environmental Policies

The dialogue delved into the economic implications of environmental regulations and how these regulations can hurt the environment. They discussed how these policies could lead to increased consumer costs because businesses will pass on the expenses of governmental regulations.

The Electric Vehicle Market’s Reality Check

The interview also cast a critical eye on the electric vehicle (EV) market. Goreham shared insights on the EV industry’s challenges, including the limited appeal beyond early adopters and the economic barriers to widespread adoption. He was also critical of the mining necessary to produce EVs.


A Rallying Cry for Free Market Solutions

Rush and Goreham’s conversation was more than a critique; it was a rallying cry for free-market solutions. They called for a shift away from government mandates, advocating for a system that leverages the world’s abundant energy resources more effectively.

Tune In for an Enlightening Perspective

This interview with Steve Goreham on Rush to Reason peeled back the layers of the green energy debate. They provided a thought-provoking perspective on government roles, economic impacts, and the realities of renewable energy. For a deeper dive into their insights and to understand the full scope of their arguments, the full interview is a must-listen. It’s an enlightening exploration for anyone interested in the future of energy and the dynamics of environmental policy.