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Show Notes

August 26, 2021

The Covid Confusion

A conversation with Steve House and Dr. Kelly Smith

Dr. Kelly Victory’s background and introduction here
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Steve House’s background and introduction here.


Interview Highlights:

Dr. Kelly was the chief medical officer of Continental Airlines in 2003 during the SARS pandemic and got a tremendous amount of experience with the SARS putting her in a good position to talk about some of the uncertainty around a COVID-19 and calling out some of the horrific responses to this pandemic. “It’s really been something I’ve never witnessed in my entire career in public health,” stated Dr. Kelly.

Steve House was originally a biomedical engineer.  He has been involved in health care for 35 years. He has worked many different jobs on the provider, and the payer side of care including an opioid task force.  He’s been connected with Kelly and some of their colleagues for quite some time prior to and during the Coronavirus.

Dr. Kelly, “We knew back in January (2020) by the third week of January, we knew multiple things.  First of all, we knew that this was not a virus that impacted children with any significant to any significant extent. We knew that elderly people were particularly at high risk. We also knew very, very early on within the first couple of weeks, for example, that there are certain comorbidities, namely obesity, and diabetes that were putting people at bigger risk. So despite the fact in the big difference, [From SARS in 2003] one of the big differences was despite the fact that we knew all of these things, the powers that be certainly from the CDC on down acted as if everyone was an equivalent risk.

So rather than parsing out the population, saying, wow, we need to rally around and protect our nursing homes, assisted living facilities and people with a certain profile, they acted as if, oh, my God, we’re all in equal risk, closed the schools, shut down the churches, limit capacity in bars and restaurants. So a huge overreaction that was way out of proportion to the risk for most people. Then they went on and started instituting and initiating different mitigation schemes that we have never used before for respiratory viruses, things like the concept of essentially mass quarantine, the idea of healthy people staying home and staying away from others.

The concept, John, of quarantine, of keeping ill people out of the population. Keeping sick people home is very tried and true. That’s a well-defined construct in public health. Frankly, it’s Biblical. Goes back to leper colonies in the Bible. You take people who are sick and you keep them away from others. That’s what quarantine is intended to be, forcing, well, people to stay home That’s not quarantine. That’s tyranny. 

And then you add in things like the concept of wearing face masks to control the spread of a respiratory virus. We’ve known for decades that that is simply a useless experiment and largely very harmful. We know that lockdowns in general. There’s a reason we’ve never used them before because they do far more harm than good.  Fundamentally, if I had to summarize the whole debacle, I would say that when I see you in my office or in an emergency room, one on one, you are my patient you are my sole concern. It is a sacrosanct relationship between doctor and patient.

When I put my public health hat on, it is very different. I am then obligated to look at the impact of any of these mitigation schemes, whether it’s closing down schools or bars or limiting travel, any of those things. I am obligated to look at the impact of that action on the entire population, not an individual, and not even a particular disease process in this case. Covid-19. I am obligated in public health to look at the impact on the entire population, not just physical health, mental health, social health, economic health.

And they did not do that. They painted with a broad brush, put everybody in the same risk bucket, and then did things that had profoundly negative impacts on the entire population.”

Steve House, “Well, I think that she’s right about 100% of that. The other thing that they did do that I don’t think that she mentioned was they then gave us information they knew to be not true. They promoted not only the lockdowns and all those things, but we continue to get information even to today. The misstatement that Pfizer has FDA approval. It does not. Pfizer got an extension of their EUA, but BioNTech got approval. And there’s a little game that they played to do that. Dr Fauci’s, estimates were way off. In fact, I think they way too far needed making estimates. But in reality, John, they gave us a lot of information that just wasn’t true, and they failed to correct themselves in most cases.

John Rush, “[An]  analogy that I’m going to give when it comes to masks and things along those lines. …  I’m an automotive guy. I’ve grown up in the automotive world my entire life, and I’ve been in the collision end of things. I’ve painted cars. I’ve done all those different things. And I can’t remember, Steve and Dr. Kelly, being back and still do this from time to time. But when you paint a car and where even one of the high-end carbon filtration, we call them respirators, I know they’re not oxygen fed. Some of them today are, but back then and you just were really good, solid, tight-fitting mask on your face. Charcoal canisters to filter out anything that would be coming in as far as the paint and the chemicals and so on. And yet, guys, when you were done painting a car, granted, the paint booth would be full of paint, the fumes, and so on. But when you were done, you’d pull that mask off, even after having all of that on nice and tight, you’d even sweat around your face and around the mask, or would even make a better seal, because it’s a rubber-type membrane that’s going around ceiling up your nose and mouth. But even with all of that, Dr. Kelly, and Steve, I personally would take that off and have a ring around where the mask went on of whatever color paint you were actually painting the car with. And then on top of that, you’d look up inside your nostrils, blow your nose. And so you’d have all these different particulates, things nasty stuff coming out of your nose and such, because that’s what the charcoal canisters, if you would, were missing. So when I heard all of these things going on in regards to filtering out what they were trying to do, basically filtering out a literal microorganism, if you would, it’s very, very small in relation to what I was talking about a moment ago with paint particles. To me, common sense just said these things aren’t doing diddly squat.”

Dr. Kelly, “And we’ve known this from reams of data. John, many many studies. The CDC’s own website has a meta-analysis of ten of the very best studies on masks and the spread of respiratory viruses. And that meta-analysis clearly comes to the conclusion that masks do not stop; They have no significant impact on the spread of respiratory viruses, and frankly, they’re quite harmful when worn for prolonged periods of time. Duke University went on to do a study in August of last year, so a year ago now showing that the cloth mask actually makes things worse, the cloth mask that so many people are wearing, because when you cough or sneeze or exhale forcefully, it actually causes respiratory droplets to break into multiple, smaller droplets and actually can spread the virus further. So the idea that we’ve continued to do that and promote the idea of mask-wearing, particularly with children, it’s absolutely unconscionable.

We’ve got an entire group of children who have gone for 18 months without being able to see facial expressions, learn how to interpret nonverbal cues, and Brown University just did a study. They leveraged an ongoing longitudinal study looking at children’s neurodevelopment and came to the overwhelming conclusion that kids born for during this pandemic, meaning from January of last year to the present, they compared them to kids born prior to the pandemic, and all of these kids perform significantly worse on verbal, motor, and overall cognitive skills. It’s terrifying.

John, “And I interviewed somebody [An interview with veteran educator and language pathologist Holly De Leon] along those same lines last week. … she’s an expert in that area and verified everything you just said. So you’re not the only one that I’ve heard that from.”

Steve House, “based on the way these vaccines have been produced, a mass distribution that actually prevented people from weathering the disease itself because it’s inherently survivable. We could have had a lot more natural immunity. We played games with stuff like that [Masks etc.] that did damage. In reality, it’s a very, very survivable disease, especially for children. And we screwed that up in the same way.”

Steve House on the “vaccine”, “Well, they shortcut it a number of things. They didn’t put it in front of the Commission that they normally do. But the thing that I find so weird and I’d love to get Kelly’s take on this is when I read it, it told me that they gave Pfizer a continuation of its EUA -emergency use. And there’s a lot of Pfizer vaccine out there in the market right now that is under that EUA. They told them to relabel the new version, but they actually gave BioNTech, which is actually vaccine wise, absolutely equivalent to Pfizer. There is no variation whatsoever, but they gave one FDA approval. They gave the other extension of the EUA. They apparently are playing games with liability and the legality of liability, depending on what’s going on. But they also gave BioNTech the FDA approval so that companies could then start to ferret it out mandates for the vaccine. I don’t know where it goes. And that’s again where I’d like to ask Kelly, do you think they’re going to literally be able to buy vials say? Well, guess what? If it was a Pfizer EUA vial and you have a vaccine reaction, even though BioNTech is, FDA approved, you get no relief or no ability to carry that liability to a court. And I don’t know that I haven’t read enough to know.”

Dr. Kelly, “Let me explain further how this happened. The Pfizer vaccine, now called Comirnaty, has gotten full FDA approval. The issue is this, they don’t have any of that manufactured yet. What’s out there in the market is gobs and gobs of the stuff that was made and put out there by Pfizer under the EUA. So although the vaccine hasn’t changed at all. The company hasn’t yet had time to make a bunch more and label it with this new fancy name. Comirnaty. So what’s out there in the public, What’s out there at all of these vaccine distribution sites and in doctor’s offices, and that’s your local Walgreens is the stuff that’s been out there under the EUA. So a couple of things. Number one, the FDA is trying to give Pfizer an opportunity to use up that entire supply of vaccines that’s out there. But I also believe that they are, in fact, playing a game here because as long as you get one of the original vials, even though it is absolutely identical to the new stuff that’s going to be coming out with the fancy label on it. If you get one of those original vials, the company ie Pfizer can claim it was still under the EUA, you got the EUA approved stuff, and therefore we have no liability if you have a bad reaction. So they are dragging, Pfizer is dragging its feet in making any of the new stuff until they can use up the huge supplies that are out there in the public space. So I think it’s a couple of things. Number one, they’re looking out for the bottom line of their company, as drug companies always do. A big Pharma is consummated that, but the FDA is allowing them to do it and giving them the protection, the legal protection or liability shelter as it is with these vaccines, by allowing them to say, “you got stuff that was still under the EUA, and therefore we have no liability if you have an adverse event.”

John, “Just because you have a vaccine doesn’t mean you’re not going to get COVID.”

Dr. Kelly, “Absolutely.  And that’s why there is absolutely zero justification for differentiating or discriminating against the unvaccinated because we were told we were sold a bill of goods early on and told that these vaccines were going to be highly, highly effective at stopping the spread of COVID-19. That simply is not the case. And we know from areas around the world that are highly vaccinated. Take, for example, Israel or the UK. Initially, the vaccines were upwards of 90% effective in stopping the transmission. As the last studies came out in Israel, it’s now down to 16%. Essentially, it’s not effective at all. Yes. This is what you call a leaky vaccine, meaning that because first of all, all viruses, mutate, coronaviruses happen to be particularly adept at it. They do it very, very quickly. And it was always an error in judgment to make such a highly targeted, narrow vaccine that only is intended to create antibodies against a single spike protein, because it simply takes very, very little in terms of a mutation, a variation for those vaccine-induced antibodies, not to recognize the new variant. And that’s exactly what is happening. So people who have natural immunity, meaning people who actually had COVID and recovered their antibodies, are excellent at recognizing the Delta variant, and they’ll recognize, in all likelihood, the other variants to come. That is not the case. Unfortunately, with vaccine-induced immunity, those people recognize only that single spike protein. The vaccine is therefore very leaky. And those folks are actually contracting the different variants, including Delta. And in many places of the world now, the vaccinated are largely the ones contracting the virus and being hospitalized. So there is no justification whatsoever in my mind for an employer or a school or anybody else, an airline, to discriminate between the unvaccinated and the vaccinated, because vaccinated people are just as likely, if not more, to contract and spread the virus.

Dr. Kelly, “And by the way, let me get it on the record, I am absolutely pro-vaccine. I’ve been referred to as a vaccine zealot in the past. I’ve written and spoken prolifically about the importance of getting vaccinated. I personally have had every vaccine known to man, plus some because of the areas of the country, excuse me, of the globe. I’ve had things like yellow fever in the rest of those. That’s right. So I am pro-vaccine. But people need to understand vaccine production and creation is extraordinarily complicated. There’s a reason why the average vaccine takes four to six years to come to market if it ever makes it to market. There are a heck of a lot of viruses that have been out there, John, for a lot longer than COVID-19, for which scientists have never created a successful or safe vaccine. Think about things like HIV, herpes neuro virus. Coxsackievirus, the list goes on and on, not because we haven’t tried, but because it’s complex, really difficult stuff. And it takes years, generally four to six years to even begin to figure out what the long-term potential adverse events or side effects of these vaccines will be. So I think this was an absolute fool’s errand. And from the get-go, the idea of creating a highly targeted, very narrow vaccine for a Coronavirus, it was doomed to be leaky. It was doomed to fail when you came into contact with the predictable variations and mutations that were going to come along and we are now living in. So now you’re going to be chasing your tail with these boosters and there’s no end to that game. It’ll be boosters eight, nine, and ten before you know it, and it won’t work.

Steve House, “So one other thing that really bothers me for both of you is that we know for a fact that when they did the placebo studies, they did the blind studies. Between those who got the placebo, we got COVID at Pfizer. In fact, that all the vaccine companies that before too long, they actually gave the vaccine to the people in the placebo group. So that’s one thing you never do. When you’re testing medication, you need to have at least one period of time where the people of placebo, you need to see what happens to them. And then you need to compare that to the people who were vaccinated. We know there have been death over 13,000, some deaths, and not a single autopsy has been done yet. In part, when you look at this, it was as if they were playing the game as you were talking about. Kelly, A very deadly game when they didn’t even allow the placebo study process to play out. Given those people vaccines, we don’t know what the comparison is in terms of effectiveness and death rates, and complications. And ADDs, It’s crazy.

Dr. Kelly, “And honestly, every time I hear someone stand up or even my own colleagues with whom I’m quite disappointed, I hear them stand up and say things like, These vaccines are perfectly safe, or these vaccines are safe for children, or they’re safe to give to pregnant women. How in the world can you, with a straight face or an honest face make that statement? These people were never tested. These vaccines were never tested on. For example, pregnant women, lactating women, people with underlying autoimmune diseases. Importantly, they were never tested on people who already had and recovered from covid. We have absolutely no idea what the long-term effects will be. These vaccines did not exist twelve months ago, so the most data you could possibly have is twelve months’ worth of data. Tell me what’s the study going to show? What’s the 24 36, 40, 60-month outcome for women who are trying to get pregnant? What is the long-term outlook for people who had COVID and are now being not only encouraged but mandated to go off and get a vaccine for a disease they’ve already had and conquered?

John, “Guys, I want to add one thing to this again, I’m the common sense kind of a guy, and I’m an automotive guy as well. Steve knows that. And I can tell you right now, everybody listening. Cars are not humans. Cars are mechanical, lots of integral pieces that work together. And I understand that they can be very, very complex, but nowhere is close to what we have going on in the human body. And yet history shows, guys, that anytime we’ve tried to bring out some sort of a new model car that we did in a very fast track motion and did it in most cases, it’s even hard to get that done under a year. We’ve done it in cases in the past where maybe it took 18 months, the Ford Pinto being one of those examples. And we all know the history of what happened in the Pinto. My point being, we don’t even build cars, guys, the way we’ve done this vaccine on humans, not even close.

Steve House, “It’s getting so frustrating because when you look at all the things that have been done wrong, I just ask one simple question, Why would you give an FDA approval right now? I mean, quite frankly, it wasn’t going to buy you all that much. I don’t think a lot of people are going to get vaccine other than the mandates, but given the length of time, it’s been out there. As Kelly pointed out, why do FDA approval now?

John, “Now my answer with all the other problems, my answer is and again, I’m a business guy, Steve. You know that my answer is because I believe this forces maybe that’s the wrong word. This encourages. And it’s again, government intervening in business, which they should never be in in the first place, especially private business. But it’s basically the government’s way of telling Delta Airlines it’s okay to push this on your people and will back you if you do, because we now have, quote, unquote full approval.

Dr. Kelly,No question in my mind that that was what was motivating it. When you look again at the adverse events and what we have in this country is an antiquated system for reporting adverse events. It’s called the VAERS Vaccine adverse event reporting system. It’s highly outdated. It’s been around for 22, 23 years now. But when you look at the reports of adverse events and death and yes, anything that’s reported, there doesn’t necessarily mean that it is a direct result of the vaccine. But that’s the way that that system has always been. It’s always the reports that are intended to be fully investigated to determine if they are a direct result of the vaccine. When you look at the number of deaths from January of this year, January 2021 to the present, there are more than twice as many deaths reported from the COVID-19 vaccines in that seven and a half month period then of all 30 other vaccines on the VAERS system over a 22 year period combined.

Steve House, “Kelly, there is with all the attention. When you’re going to put a jab in the arm of 300 million Americans, at least or 250,000,000 Americans, you couldn’t do one or two autopsies on those 13,000 reported?”

Dr. Kelly, “That’s a good point. There are 40 between the CDC and the FDA. There are 40,000 employees. You don’t think they haven’t had time to investigate these yet. These 13,000 reported deaths. I mean, that’s unconscionable. And again, I am pro-vaccine. And there are certain people for whom these vaccines may very well be appropriate.

Dr. Kelly, “If my parents were still living in their 90s debilitated in a nursing home, I might well suggest to them that it would be in their best interest to take the risk because this always should come down to a risk benefit calculation. That’s right Not just for vaccines. By the way, I don’t care if you’re talking about taking an antibiotic, starting chemotherapy, or thinking about a surgical intervention. That’s right. You should always really do a thoughtful, well-informed risk-benefit calculation, which means, number one, you have to have an honest assessment of your personal, true risk from the illness in this case, COVID-19, and weigh that against your personal risk for taking the particular treatment in this case, the vaccine. And so there are people for whom that calculation. It makes sense for them to take the vaccine. But acting as if everyone’s calculation is the same is highly, highly flawed. And it’s not true. We know that healthy people under the age of 50, the CDC numbers not Dr. Kelly Victory’s. Healthy people under the age of 50 have a 99.98% chance of making a full recovery if they get COVID, you weigh that against the risks from the vaccines. And I’m telling you, it’s a bad calculation.

Steve House, “Kelly, tell listeners if someone took the vaccine today, do they have a higher chance of it preventing Delta to them? Then someone took a vaccine three or four months ago?”

Dr. Kelly, “There’s no question that the people who are vaccinated early are in worse shape. Right now, we’re seeing huge breakthroughs. But the bottom line is, Steve, any way you cut it, these vaccines won’t work against Delta, period. These vaccines were created to fight a variant that no longer exists and hasn’t existed for probably more than six months now. So being vaccinated it’s all risk with these vaccines and really no potential benefit, the variations are escaping the vaccines. We’re seeing that from parts of the world that are highly vaccinated. The UK, Israel, Madagascar, Gibraltar, places that are really highly Finland, highly vaccinated. Those places are having enormous, quote, breakthrough cases because they got vaccinated early and the virus is now mutated out of the capture rate out of the capture net of the antibodies that you create from those vaccines. Honestly, I think that the best thing we could do and should have done from the start, which focus on reasonable prevention measures of which there are many and early treatment, huge and growing cocktail of medications that we can use to treat those people who are not in those super high-risk categories. But instead of that, if you dare to talk about these things, you’re like me, you get kicked off Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, you get banned and you have horrible things written about you, slanders liables things written about you in newspapers. It’s insane the level of censorship when people are trying to simply offer this information so that people can make informed decisions and do that critical risk-benefit calculation. They are effectively trying to keep that information from the American public. It’s wrong and it’s evil.

John, “So Dr.Kelly and Steve wanted me to ask you this, is it an accurate statement that with FDA approval for a vaccine that has a bunch of unused supply that’ll do nothing now to protect people from Delta, all that inventory is gonna go someplace most likely in folk’s arms that have nothing to do with helping the fight any of this new strains that are coming out. Am I correct in saying so?”

Dr. Kelly, “Yes. Unfortunately, I think that you are. I think that given the number of breakthrough cases that we are seeing and given the fact that this virus is continuing to mutate, as would be totally predicted, I hate to see people getting this vaccine. However, there’s no question that because of the FDA approval that’s now been given to Pfizer. And as you said, that’s given the green light for businesses and schools and everybody else who have been holding off to go ahead and mandate this thing, I’m seeing hand over fist the places are doing it. And unfortunately, I think it’s going to put us in a world of hurt if anything. Having a leaky vaccine is likely to help rapidly select for new variants of this virus. So I think that it’s going to be around forever. There was never a thought or should never have been a thought. I think the average layperson was schooled into believing that we were going to somehow eradicate COVID-19 that simply is not the case. It’s going to be with us forever in one form or another. And the best thing we could do can do is to really rally around, educate people about how to stay well and avoid the virus in the first place and then mainstream the idea of early treatment with all of these highly safe and very effective medications that we have to treat it.

John, “So the question I’ve got is, “Do all these doctors I mean, are they just lemmings or do they not do research, or have they just been sold a bill of goods that if they don’t recommend this thing, they could potentially lose their license? I’m confused.

Steve, “That’s why we have so many doctors on board when they ought to know better.” So, John, it goes down to A. Pharma pays for a lot of things that go on in medicine, including helping doctors be there’s a lot of lobbyists who are lobbying on behalf of the Pharma companies to the doctors. There’s a relationship there. And if the Pharma companies and the AMA and other people are saying it’s safe and they need to get onboard, they’re not reading the kind of stuff Kelly and I are reading and they’re certainly not reading. What, Kelly is reading, which is vastly greater than mine. So I think it’s really just a question of following the lead of people that they think they should trust because they’ve had a long-term relationship and there or some financial benefits associated with people getting vaccinated to the doctors themselves.

Dr. Kelly, “Yeah. I think there’s nothing that has been more distressing to me than the behavior of my colleagues during this pandemic. John, it’s been really distressing. I think there are multiple issues at play here. Number one, as Steve said, there’s no question that there’s a financial component. The biggest issue is really the change in the practice of medicine over the past several decades. …  It’s very uncommon to find a physician in solo practice or in a privately owned practice anymore. They all work for large corporations, large corporations own the physician practices. Hospitals are run by large corporations. The people at the helm of the hospitals are never physicians anymore. They’re always administrators who’ve never picked up an epidemiology textbook. They know nothing. So what you will hear is after saying, “I would like to give hydrochloric or Ivermectin or do whatever, but my hospital won’t let me.” It’s really a tragic thing. Then there’s the whole issue of the way that we are training physicians now. People are not intellectually curious anymore. They don’t go to the source. Half the physicians I know, if not more, get their own medical information from Google and NPR and CNN. Rather than going and taking the time to pull the study, read the study, analyze the data yourself. Don’t take somebody else’s word for it. Don’t read somebody else’s synopsis. So there’s an intellectual in curiosity that seems to have taken over in medicine. Maybe because we’ve required so much of doctors over these past decades. They have to do so much. They have to cross do so much paper and other stuff that, frankly, they’re not educated anymore.

Steve House, “My dad was a farmer and a road construction worker. He had an IQ of 163. Common sense. People like him. And you, John, are the smartest people around. So keep up the good work.”



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Study: Leasing 31 U.S. airports would generate $131 billion to fund other infrastructure and pay the debt. Article here.

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