“… And so there are people for whom that calculation. It makes sense for them to take the vaccine.  …  Healthy people under the age of 50 have a 99.98% chance of making a full recovery if they get COVID, you weigh that against the risks from the vaccines. And I’m telling you, [getting the vaccine] it’s a bad calculation,” Dr. Kelly Victory

” And it was always an error in judgment to make such a highly targeted, narrow vaccine that only is intended to create antibodies against a single spike protein, because it simply takes very, very little in terms of a mutation, a variation for those vaccine-induced antibodies, not to recognize the new variant. And that’s exactly what is happening. So people who have natural immunity, meaning people who actually had COVID and recovered their antibodies, are excellent at recognizing the Delta variant, and they’ll recognize, in all likelihood, the other variants to come,” Dr. Kelly

“When you look at the number of deaths from January of this year, January 2021 to the present, there are more than twice as many deaths reported from the COVID-19 vaccines in that seven and a half month period then of all 30 other vaccines on the VAERS system over a 22 year period combined,” Dr. Kelly

Dr. Kelly, “And honestly, every time I hear someone stand up or even my own colleagues with whom I’m quite disappointed, I hear them stand up and say things like, These vaccines are perfectly safe, or these vaccines are safe for children, or they’re safe to give to pregnant women. How in the world can you, with a straight face or an honest face make that statement?

“And by the way, let me get it on the record, I am absolutely pro-vaccine. But people need to understand vaccine production and creation is extraordinarily complicated. … There’s a reason why the average vaccine takes four to six years to come to market if it ever makes it to market. … And it takes years, generally four to six years to even begin to figure out what the long-term potential adverse events or side effects of these vaccines will be. … So now you’re going to be chasing your tail with these boosters and there’s no end to that game. It’ll be boosters eight, nine, and ten before you know it, and it won’t work,” Dr. Kelly

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