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January 20, 2022


Dr. Kelly Victory and Steve House.

The Fear Based Agenda of COVID. 

WRONG: “Hospitals at ‘breaking point,’ doctors warn Polis”

The Colorado chapter of the American College of Emergency Physicians sent a letter to Gov. Jared Polis saying the healthcare system is on the brink of collapse. Article here.  

Comments here.

Natural Immunity


In  a bombshell study, the CDC has finally admitted what many people suspected (but politicians denied) which is that natural immunity acquired by having recovered from a Covid infection is FAR SUPERIOR  to immunity achieved via vaccination.


Questions from Listeners

Q: I saw “fearless leader” giving a speech, (saw it on the First online) and he was relating how they now have less than 35 million unvaccinated American adults and 9 million of those will be vaccinated every week. I am sorry but this doesn’t jive in my mind given all their propaganda, threats, and cajoling; thoughts?

Q: Pfizer’s new oral drug called Paxlovid has received FDA approval and will allow for early treatment so that Covid patients can minimize the impact of the virus on their health, and perhaps avoid a trip to the hospital.

Q: Last week Steve asked Dr. Kelly if she Found any correlation between lower back and leg pain and the coronavirus. She said no but Could Steve expound on this theory

Q: A friend I Missed had told of all the home tests that have been recalled. He works in construction. His co-worker “tested” positive. The homeowners want him to have a negative test because they are liberal. His wife’s work had to send the self-test back because of recall. His daughter has access to the test because she is in nursing school. Those tests were recalled. His Walmart doesn’t have any because they are recalled. All these tests were recalled because of false positive 

Q: Well, guess what- I got covid twice. Dec 2nd confirmed with Delta and really sick and luckily got monoclonal antibodies, got covid pneumonia but at least stayed out of the hospital and got better after 2 weeks. Then got sick again in Jan. 2022 and was positive for covid again. The 2nd covid was much better, more mild, but I was still sick. And now I have no sense of smell or taste. I’ve been told I don’t need a vaccine because I have antibodies, but, if there’s another variant, will my antibodies protect me from getting another variant? Do I have any b-cells and t-cells protecting me? Is there a blood test I can ask for which will tell me how much protection my previous covids have given me in my natural immunity?

Q: Who is Jean Luc Montagnier and who is he to speak on the subject and what is he saying?

Q: Who is Neil Ferguson and Sage and why they should be looked at very closely.  

Q: What is your opinion on the AstraZeneca prophylactic monoclonal antibody EvoShield?

Q: IV Treatments – do they work



Dan Ahearn – CarBravo Senior Manager 

GM is getting into the used vehicle game, leveraging technology and its large dealer network. 

General Motors is introducing CarBravo, a new way to shop for used vehicles. CarBravo will elevate the shopping, buying, and ownership experience by offering used-vehicle customers access to an expansive inventory, an omnichannel shopping experience, and exclusive ownership benefits. 

CarBravo will also deliver a seamless customer experience through GM’s new digital retail platform (DRP).  The DRP will provide a simple and transparent shopping interface featuring clear dealer pricing, vehicle history reports, and 360-degree views of the vehicle. All CarBravo vehicles will be inspected and reconditioned to meet standards set by GM. Customers can receive guaranteed online offers, from the industry standard Black Book, to buy their vehicles even if they do not purchase a vehicle through CarBravo.   

Peace of mind is built into CarBravo with standard warranty coverage on all vehicles, an extensive nationwide network of dealerships for service and maintenance, and wide-ranging ownership benefits that include roadside service, courtesy transportation, OnStar, and SiriusXM trials on eligible vehicles throughout the ownership lifecycle. CarBravo leverages the assets of GM, GM Financial, and the GM dealer network to create a flexible, modern shopping and buying experience. Customers can also take advantage of at-home test drives and home deliveries, where available at participating dealers.  

“Used vehicles are a significant part of our business,” said Todd Ingersoll, dealer principal of Ingersoll Auto in Danbury, Connecticut, whose dealership participated in the CarBravo pilot. “We are excited to join GM in exceeding our customers’ expectations and continuing to provide a world-class experience.” 

Dealer enrollment begins immediately, and the consumer launch is expected to begin in spring 2022. 

Interview Here

Joined The Conversation

John Cheyenne called in and asked a CarBravo Question about the warranty and his concern about not getting the vehicle checked from a third party.  John and John talked about Carvana.com and  DriveTime


COVID Test Breakdown

This Cannot Be Real? Woman Has a Total Breakdown After She Sees the Results of her COVID Test. Article here.

Comments here.

Denver Students COVID Demands

Denver Public Schools students plan to walk out of classes Thursday until the school district meets their demands for COVID-19 safety precautions.  Article here

Bill to Allow Public Employees to Unionize 

A forthcoming bill would grant thousands more Colorado public employees a seat at the negotiating table. Article here


Kurt Rogers with Affordable Interest Mortgage

Questions for Kurt: 

Q: Remodeling an entry-level home. if you put in a really good Formica type of countertop and not quartz or a stone, how much will that affect your appraisal value?
Answer here


Q: What Happens When the Feds Raise Rates, Does It Affect Mortgage Rates
Feds fund rate is for short-term loans, car – HELOC’s – credit cards – arms. It’s what banks borrow money at from the feds .25% for a long time.

Q: What Affects Them
A: 10 Year Treasury Rate. Mortgage-Backed Securities (MBS)

Q: Why Are Rates Going Up Now
A: Feds are reducing from $30 Billion a month to $15 Billion. Inflation may

Q: Do You Think Mortgage Rates Will Come Back Down
A: No – the main reason is Inflation.  Don’t see investors buying up MBS to cover Feds

Q: When Rates Go Up as They Have – How Does That Affect My Payment
A: Rate up .25% on $100,000 = $14.00, $300,000 = $42.00, $5,000 more down lowers payment $2200

Q: How Does It Affect My Ability to Qualify – Home Purchase – Remodel – Cash Out
A: It may – it may not. Other Factors – Down Payment – Loan to Value – Credit Score –

Q: Do You See the Value of Home Continuing to Rise?

Absolutely –
Low Inventory
High Demand – East / West Coast –
Beautiful State
2021 Home Appreciation Denver – Over 15%
Bidding Wars still

Q: Are There Deals Out There?

I think so – Perfect Ideal Dream Home – Probably not
What are you willing to compromise – Paint – Yard Work – Carpet
Can it with minor improvements work


Great opportunities for buying a fixer-uppers

VA – 100% of future value
FHA – 96.5% of future value
Conventional – 90% of future value
Change – Kitchen – floors – bathrooms – basement – windows – etc
Close and have it all financed in –

Q: What About Investment Properties –

Even at these rates, Investment properties work – Cash Flow – Higher Rents –
3-4% Denver Vacancy rates – tenant paying the mortgage and paying your loan down –
All while you are receiving appreciation.
Is the Stock Market going to pay your mortgage if it goes down in value?

When a Customer Calls to Get Information About a Loan, What Are They Asking

What Is the Rate
What Happens If the Market Drops
How Can I Pay Off My Home in 15 -20 Years
How Much Cash Out Can I Get to Pay Off Debts/Christmas
How Can I Lower My Payments

Q: With Rates Up How Is This Going to Affect First Time Home Buyers – Those with Little Money Down –





January 20, 2022
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