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Show Notes

January 13, 2022

Impossible Question

Click here for the Impossible Question.


Dr. Kelly and Steve House

Questions Answered

Are there any new covid symptoms to be watching for, such as possible hair loss? – more for Vaccines

How can you tell the difference between flu and covid?

How do you get monoclonal antibody treatment? Do you need a doctor’s order? Where do you go? – Explain what they are where they come from

After testing positive for covid, how long should you expect to wait to see a negative test result?

How to test – nose or throat

Can you get Omicron after having the Alpha or Delta?

What kind of mouth wash to use?

How long after having covid should you wait for surgery?

What financial incentive do hospitals have today if you have covid?

RSV is Spreading Faster Article here


Among The Vaccines

Sent in from a listener

“Among all the vaccines I have known in my life (diphtheria, tetanus, measles, rubella, chickenpox, hepatitis, meningitis, and tuberculosis), I want to also add flu and pneumonia

I have never seen a vaccine that forced me to wear a mask and maintain my social distance, even when you are fully vaccinated. 

I had never heard of a vaccine that spreads the virus even after vaccination. I had never heard of rewards, discounts, incentives to get vaccinated. 

I never saw discrimination for those who didn’t. If you haven’t been vaccinated no one has tried to make you feel like a bad person. 

I have never seen a vaccine that threatens the relationship between family, colleagues, and friends.

I have never seen a vaccine used to threaten livelihoods, work, or school.

I have never seen a vaccine that would allow a 12-year-old to override parental consent. After all the vaccines I listed above.

I have never seen a vaccine like this one, which discriminates, divides, and judges society as it is. And as the social fabric tightens… It’s a powerful vaccine! She does all these things except IMMUNIZATION. If we still need a booster dose after we are fully vaccinated, and we still need to get a negative test after we are fully vaccinated, and we still need to wear a mask after we are fully vaccinated, and still be hospitalized after we have been fully vaccinated, it will likely come to “It’s time for us to admit that we’ve been completely deceived.”

A Pathetic Pattern: Biden’s Coronavirus Evasion Is Nothing New

Larry Behrens – Power The Future

Whether it’s soaring gas prices, record inflation, or COVID at-home testing shortages, President Biden and his Administration seem to abide by the same message in the face of criticism: “it’s not our fault.” 

So, when President Biden announced that “there is no federal solution” to COVID-19, even though he campaigned on the claim that he would defeat the pandemic if only we would elect him, the shock by many was warranted but misplaced. 

The truth is… President Biden and his Administration have been governing like this since day one. We need to look no further than Biden’s awkward dance with his energy failures over the past 11 months. Full Article here

Interview Here.


Every 172 Years Like Clockwork – Peter Temple

Sent in from a listener


Video and Comments here.


Automotive Tip

What about your tires? Comments here.


Shopping Over the Picket Line

Who is out there picketing, where else can you shop, and how to make changes.

Comments here.

Dan from Black Hawk Joined the Conversation on how he uses his bulk items. Comments here.

What About the Immigrants?

John’s story about the Cuban in Costco. 

 His Grandmother in Cuba, Could Not Have Apples for Years.


Comments here


About the King Soopers Union.

Who really are the frontline workers and how Covid has given us more excuses not to work. 

Comments here

Suck it up Buttercup. Comments here

The Problem is Biden

Alex Tuehler – GOP Communications Director for the Southwest

SCOTUS vaccine mandate ruling and why Biden Tired to use OSHA.

Supreme Court halts COVID-19 vaccine-or-test rule for large businesses, keeps health care worker mandate. Article here.



John, You’re Too Hard on King Soopers

John got a text in about him being too hard and being mean.

Here is John’s response.


Biden Has Not Added One Single Job to Our Workforce

Scott Garliss – Stansberry Research


Biden has not added one single job to our work force – the jobs that have been created where there prior to COVID 

* Corporate earnings
* JPMorgan and BlackRock
* Wall Street analysts expect S&P 500 Index numbers to grow 21.7%
* Analysts are worried about increasing costs, labor and fuel are the main culprits. NOTE: note the wage increases appear to be on the low-end oil was weak for most of the fourth quarter on COVID worries.
* Profitability is expected to be around 12%, one of the highest levels on record. 
* The two most profitable quarters were the second and third quarters of this past year. 
* When a store goes dark and how it hurts the community

Interview here


The Union Doesn’t Care

When union contracts change, labor costs go up, and the business needs to make changes to stay in business. Cross the picket line and buy from King Soopers. Comments here