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January 6, 2022

Impossible Question

Click here for the Impossible Question.


The Covid Conversation

Dr. Kelly and Steve House

Some of the topics covered:

Canada has more the 70% of its hospitalized COVID patients that ARE vaccinated 

Dr. Kelly, how does it feel knowing that the data says you are right? 

When should you call your Dr and/or head to the Hospital 

Can people get Omicron after having COVID from Delta and the original Variant 

Under-reporting of cases??? Should we be letting them know we have it – self-test? 

Over the Counter medications in other countries but not here

Reliability of Testing of at home kits? 

“Flu-rona” and how concerned should we be?

Children and the covid vaccine

The Dumbest Generation

Mark Bauerlein 

The Sequel to the Book the Defined a Generation: The Dumbest Generation Grows Up: From Stupefied Youth to Dangerous Adults

Back in 2008, Mark Bauerlein was a voice crying in the wilderness. As experts greeted the new generation of “Digital Natives” with extravagant hopes for their high-tech future, he pegged them as the “Dumbest Generation.”

Today, their future doesn’t look so bright, and their present is pretty grim. The twenty-somethings who spent their childhoods staring into a screen are lonely and purposeless, unfulfilled at work and at home. Many of them are even suicidal. The Dumbest Generation Grows Up is an urgently needed update on the Millennials, explaining their not-so-quiet desperation and, more important, the threat that their ignorance poses to the rest of us. Lacking skills, knowledge, religion, and a cultural frame of reference, Millennials are anxiously looking for something to fill the void. Their mentors have failed them. Unfortunately, they have turned to politics to plug the hole in their souls.

Knowing nothing about history, they are convinced that it is merely a catalog of oppression, inequality, and hatred. Why, they wonder, has the human race not ended all this injustice before now? And from the depths of their ignorance rises the answer: Because they are the first ones to care! All that is needed is to tear down our inherited civilization and replace it with their utopian aspirations. For a generation unacquainted with the constraints of human nature, anything seems possible.

Having diagnosed the malady before most people realized the patient was sick, Mark Bauerlein surveys the psychological and social wreckage and warns that we cannot afford to do this to another generation.

BIO: Mark Bauerlein is a professor emeritus of English at Emory University and an editor at First Things, where he hosts a podcast twice a week. He is the author of five books, including The Dumbest Generation: How the Digital Age Stupefies Young Americans and Jeopardizes Our Future (Or, Don’t Trust Anyone under 30). His commentaries and reviews have appeared in publications including the Wall Street Journal, the Washington Post, and the New York Times.


Interview Here.


Joined the Conversation

JD called in about binge-watching the show Price of Empire, Comcast, and the elementary school not having the American flag flown on the property.


Housing is a Basic Human Right? Really? 

John talked about how it is not and Jersey Joe called in about what is a right, how much does the government pay you to…, Section 8 housing, and GET A JOB! Then John from Cheyenne called in about solutions to the problem and how we are seeing LBJ and the Great Society.

Comments Here.


Joined the Conversation

Dan from Blackhawk called in about making RU486 over the counter and then about what he did and the changes he made to increase his income to buy a home.  



‘It’s the Fed Stupid’

Tom Mullen 

The book, “It’s The Fed Stupid” is a rallying cry to all sides of the political spectrum that the Federal Reserve needs to be eliminated for our economy to truly work fairly for all Americans.  

*The real reason for drastic income inequality, the erosion of the middle class, and the concentration of political power in the hands of a billionaire elite is the federal reserve. The ways in which they do this are not permissible in the Constitution. 

*Liberals and Conservatives should both be united in the elimination of the Fed. Liberals decry the domination of the super wealthy in our society, and conservatives don’t want the government to intervene in a free market economy. The Fed plays a major role in manipulating the stock market in ways that disproportionately benefit the super wealthy.  

*Both sides of the political spectrum spend boundless energy and time arguing over issues that are at their core irrelevant to the larger problem. Tom says they need to stop being distracted by these phantom issues, and focus on the real villain, the Fed.  

Book to be released January 11, 2022. 



January 6, 2022
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