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Show Notes

December 8, 2022

John Rush host of Rush To Reason

 First Hour 

Guests and Articles

Dr. Kelly Victory and Steve House  

Duke University surgeons are refusing a 14-year-old girl a kidney transplant because she has not received the Covid shot (substack.com)

Blood Damage Explains Many Harmful Impacts of COVID “Vaccines” (needtoknow.news)

Listener Questions 
1. So I more than likely have a sinus infection. Seeing the Doctor. They sure want to push the COVID test. I told them no. Tired of this COVID hype. Oxygen levels are good, and temperature is good.

2. Hi, I got covid 3x. I just had another miserable Thanksgiving, sick in bed with this strain of covid which was awful, had a temperature and aches and chills. Thank God for my great Dr. She gave me molnupiravir, and they kicked that covid out of me. Now that I’m healthy again, I am thinking I should get the flu vaccine cuz I’m older and have underlying conditions. The flu vaccine is the old-fashioned kind at Walgreens, it’s not mRNA. Should I get the flu vaccine? Just so you know, this 3rd covid was worse than my 2nd omicron covid. But my Delta covid was the worst one. We will probably never be rid of covid. I sure hope I really am collecting a bunch of t-cells and b-cell antibodies. Am I? 

3. Does any data show if it is more harmful to a “newborn” if the mother got the shot prior to pregnancy or during pregnancy, or after the baby is born? 

Died Suddenly 

 Second Hour 

Guests and Articles

Ella Balasa is a patient advocate, consultant, and person living with cystic fibrosis. She has committed to empowering patients and advancing healthcare strategies. She speaks publicly about the value of the patient perspective and is passionate about distilling clinical information for patient communities.  Partnership to Fight Infectious Disease and VacciNATION  / Interview 

Russian Arms Deal Trade  Britney Swap
 https://www.nytimes.com/2022/12/08/world/europe/viktor-bout-brittney-griner.html  /  Comments

John from Cheyenne called in about Britney Swamp 

Phil Kerpen—president of American Commitment: How to stop President Biden’s Student Loan Bailout. Interview 

More on Uncle Joe’s Swap for Britney Swap. 

 Third Hour 

Guests and Articles

David A. Stockman, author of The Great Money Bubble: Protect Yourself from the Coming Inflation Storm. New York Times bestselling author and former investment manager David A. Stockman, who served as director of the Office of Management and Budget under President Reagan, explains the roots of today’s runaway inflation so investors at all levels can calibrate their financial strategies to survive and thrive despite economic uncertainty.  / Interview     John’s follow-up comments 

Scott Garliss – Stansberry Research  On Reasons why the FED may be going too far and need to change course sooner than later.  Interview 

Dan from Blackhawk called in about Covid testing.