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Show Notes

January 11

John Rush host of Rush To Reason

Guests & Topics

COVID Update with Dr. Kelly Victory & Steve House – Interview 

What is really going on in Hospitals – flu, COVID, RSV, and influenza? 

None of the laws or regulations that we count on to protect us from potentially harmful or deadly medical products was applied to the COVID-19 mRNA vaccines. / Article 

Can’t make it up. The solution to jab failure is… more jab failure. AARP encourages 38 million members to get an 8th COVID vax. / Article 

‘Drastic failures’ were uncovered on the first day of Dr. Fauci’s hearing. Article 

Questions From Listeners
1. If Dr Kelly or Steve could ask Fauci any question, what would it be? Do you think he would answer it truthfully? 

2. I’m listening in Texas online to Dr. Kelley. I saw this article today, and I’m 30, and I’m worried about cancer. I am NOT Vaxed. Is cancer coming from processed factory foods or what?

3. Can you ask Dr. Kelly what she knows about chlorine dioxide healing cancer and other diseases 

4. What are Dr Kelly and Steve’s thoughts on the WHO possibly being given authority over medical worldwide? 

 5. Why the disparity in Drug Prices 


Drew Thomas Allen, author of America’s Last Stand: Will You Vote to Save or Destroy America in 2024. Discussed Haley, DeSantis, Trump and the 2024 Election, Fauci and More. / Interview 

Coming to a City Near You: Canadian police charge a reporter with assault. Article / Comments

CO GOP Chair Dave Williams – Please resign from everything. / Comments 

“John go after Dick.” / Comments 

Mike from Aurora called in about two wrongs don’t make a right. The Mass Media and their biases. Conservatives and Liberals – the differences.

Craig from Wheatridge called in about Dave Willaims &and compared it to what Jena Griswold did when she was SOS.

John, who do you want as chair for CO GOP? / Comments /

GOP “house’ is not in order. / Comments


Carolyn Phippen, US Senate Candidate in Utah. Conservatives revolt against Johnson-Schumer deal to avoid government shutdown: ‘Worse than we thought’  / Interview 

Jerzee Joe called in about a Facebook virus scam that starts with …

Scott GarlissMarketwise.com  Looking into the Crystal Ball – Sluggish Chip Orders Due to Slowing EV Sales, Businesses with Declining fiscal-year Sales Forecast. Inflation, CPI, and More.  Write to Will Feuer at Will.Feuer@wsj.com / Interview 

CO Park Passes Article / Comments