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May 16

John Rush host of Rush To Reason

Guests & Topics

Dr. Kelly Victory and Steve House
Censored, Corruption, What we should have done. Defending our Freedoms and What We Have Lost – Comments 

New Zealand politician speaking out regarding COVID vaccine. Audio   / Comments

How to help offset the side effects of the COVID Vax. / Comments 

Listener Question: Ask Dr. Kelly about a supplement called L-arginine and Nattokinase. / Comments 

Listener Question: What does Dr Kelly know about the tetanus shot – has it been given as sloppily as the COVID Jab? / Comments 

Bird Flu and gain of function.H5N1 – in the United States.  / Comments

Book John is reading. America Falls / Comments 

Another Shutdown before the election? The amount of foreign money coming into our academic labs / Comments 

Pushing Back against the government. / Comments 

H1N1 and 3rd world Countries. Spanish Flu / Comments 

75 to 100 million people (with mRNA shots) are dealing with a compromised immune system. / Comments 

COVID was manmade. / Comments 

More on the Spanish Flu. / Comments 

Covid was a setup. / Comments 

The way the world works today and corruption. Committee on Government Oversight. / Comments 

4 years in prison. Shutting down the Lab leak. / Comments

To believe the truth, you must accept we’re living under a corrupt government. / Comments 

Messages from the Medical Community. / Comments 

The next steps in healthcare with a corrupt government. / Comments 



Mary Margaret Olohan, author of Detrans – True Stories of Escaping the Gender Ideology Cult. In this book, Olohan reveals the truth about transgenderism and its industry, so disturbing that transgender activists will do anything to hide it./ Interview

Chiefs player faces backlash over ‘homemaker’ remark in commencement speech. Article / Comments 

Denver police officially announced they are not targeting “minor” traffic offenses. / Comments 

Mark called in about the solar flares and EMPs, and John continued on about the country’s vulnerabilities.

Frank Francone – Straightforward Shooting
May 30 & June 27,
6 PM
8821East Hampden Ave
Suite 117
Denver, Co



Kurt Rogers, Affordable Interest Mortgage: How much money does it save me for every .5% lower rate? What do the rates have to come down to for you to refinance? What can you do to be ready to act when rates come down? How do I determine the best loan for me? You have talked in the past about LLPAs. What is an LLPA, and how does it affect me as a homeowner? These questions were answered, plus more. / Interview 



May 16
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