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Show Notes

May 15

John Rush host of Rush To Reason

Guests & Topics

Bruce E. Simmons: Reverse Mortgage Manager at American Liberty Mortgage. /Comments 

Victor Bonney with Gemini Imaging Group. Why Get an Ultrasound? Cardiologists suggest that around age 25, the average person should have their first cardiovascular screening. Victor explains why. To schedule an appointment call 720-850-5350. / Interview 

Dr. Shawn Rowland, Founder & CEO of Jase Medical: How To Keep Your Children Healthy & Medically Prepared. / Interview 


Richard Battle The Challenges Today’s Graduates Face. / Interview 

Teen faces more than 70 years in prison after guilty plea in rock-throwing death.  Article / Comments 

Sunny Kutcher – Young Americans Against Socialism & Educate Freedom. Most young people don’t know what socialism is. Video / Interview 

From Text Line: This is Ryland. I graduate next week from high school. School sucked for me. I wasn’t bullied or anything, I was bored. I also hated Covid and having things that go against my beliefs shoved down my throat I listen to your show to kind of be debriefed so I could know that I wasn’t the crazy one, it was the people at school! Your show gave me perseverance and taught me that life isn’t always easy and we have to do stuff we don’t always like and put up with people who are literal clowns. / Comments 


Gregg Phillips, creator of Ground Fusion AI, a platform that revolutionizes targeted political engagement with data on 211 million voters. – How Conservatives Will Gain the Tech Advantage in the 2024 Election, Eclipse Leftist Strategies, Gain Tactical Superiority and Dominate the Electoral Battlefield… / Interview 

EV Sales are Slowing but …. Article / Comments 

Scott GarlissMarketwise.com  Inflation Number, Biden’s tariffs on goods made in China, and more. / Interview