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Show Notes

July 13, 2023

John Rush host of Rush To Reason

Guests & Topics

Steve House – Covid: Facts not Fear. Why is the origin of covid so important? What are they trying to hide? What about the Chinese Military? Was covid supposed to be a bio-weapon?  Why did Fauci work in China? What were the real risks of covid? Plus, Steve’s 10 point covid recovery plan. Picking your research results. Crisis care or preventative care?

Death rate graph video

Excess Mortality Project. Tweet / Article 



Steven G. Bradbury: Heritage Releases Comprehensive Plan to Start FBI Over From Scratch, / Interview  

What are the odds of actually landing your dream job? Casinos.com decided to crunch the numbers by analyzing job data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics across every state in America. / Comments  

Stacie Haller – Resume Builder: Office Etiquette Training. Companies are giving office etiquette courses as employees struggle with professional communication and dress in a post-pandemic workplace. / Interview 

Student Facing Charges for Vandalism of Pro-Life Center. / Comments 

Adam Andrzejewski: CEO/Founder, OpentheBooks.com  Hold onto your wallets, America! President Biden is shattering records and sending taxpayer dollars down the drain with his colossal White House payroll. / Interview 

Shift Toward Social Conservatism. Article / Comments 

Scott Garliss: Porter and Comp Research.com Economy, Inflation, S&P 500, missing out on the best returns for the year? / Interview