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Show Notes

July 12, 2023

John Rush host of Rush To Reason

Guests & Topics

High Five Plumbing – Levi  / Interview 

  • $50 off Water Heater flush  
  • $200 off a tanked water heater provided by High 5  
  • $500 off a tankless water heater provided by High 5  
  • For KLZ listeners $49 service fee is waived.  

Send a Birthday Card to Wilma!!  The secret to living to 100

Haylie Pomroy: Heavy metalpoisoning and how it affects the body. / Interview  

The Advantage of being over 50. Article / Comments 

Richard Battle: Winning Leadership Worthy of Emulation. / Interview

FEMA & Covid/ Comments 

Sunny Kutcher: Young Americans Against Socialism. They’re fighting the radical Left with educational content and resources. / Interview 

Garth Brooks and his Vegas Shows: Tweet / Comments 

Meet the Parents & Go Fund Me for Lactating Male. / Comments  / Part 2 

John from Cheyenne called in about “going along with the Mafia.” 

Text message on Birth and the initial milk. “Total Utter Craziness”

Jersey Joe’s Hot New Sport, Why do you need a phone to milk a cow? Modern Dairy Farming, American Farmers, Financing Farm Machinery. / Interview 

Other countries & Inventions. Capitalism. / Comments