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Show Notes

March 9, 2023

John Rush host of Rush To Reason

Dr.Kelly Victory


Questions for Dr. Kelly
1. Ask Dr. Kelly how she didn’t get thrown out of DIA? I was walked out by DPD 3x for not wearing a mask and had to drive to my destination. Also got thrown out of Costco several times and Lifetime Fitness.
2. Let’s not forget the “front line essential workers” on TikTok shaming us
3. Worse is the laws have been put in place to validate lockdowns etc. A young generation thinks this is the norm. & trade-off of rights for “common good” is honorable 

U.S. Military Records 500% Increase in AIDS Since Covid Death Shot Rollout

What I am questioning is the “natural origins” of the “virus.”

Dr. Robert Redfield, the former CDC Director, talks about three suspicious events that took place at the Wuhan lab in September 2019

New York Mayor Asks Shops To Require Customers To Remove Masks Upon Entry

The former CDC director just said that YOUR tax dollars funded the creation of COVID and his colleagues lied about it to cover their own asses.

Sayings that people posted during covid:
Stay Home – Save Lives
New Normal
We are all in this together
Flatten the Curve
Frontline Workers
Remote Learning
Super Spreader
Social Distancing 

Guests & Topics

Mr. Rush, My name is Laurel and I live in Fort Collins. I moved here in October from California. If you didn’t already know, we run this place now. One of the first things I did when I moved here was to join a women’s advisory group. You came up again in our meeting at Starbucks this morning during our twice weekly meeting. You come up allot in our meetings. You and the Jimmy Lakey on 600 KCOL am. From my time here listening to you I’ve determined you to be an arrogant, affluent, straight white Christian male. Puke! There are 18 women in our group, and you are despised by each one of us! We take notes while listening to your show and discuss at our meetings and on group text. One issue we take issue with in particular. Have you ever considered how many minority businesses you disenfranchised and hurt along the way to prosperity? Are you proud of yourself? I sincerely believe the white businessman should be paying reparations to black business owners to help settle the hardships your business imposed on them over the years. I’m not saying just you, we believe all companies started by white men should be paying. Our focus group is in contact with our local and state representatives to introduce legislation to get people like you to pay your fair share back to minority businesses. You owe society for your success. If you haven’t noticed we’re in solid control of the state and have full access to your checkbook. You go on and on about your disdain for public transportation, I suggest you try it out because when we take your car that will be the only option. Also, what you said about the Poudre School District on Wednesday is out of line. They are entitled to teach children what they want and can address them by whatever pronoun the student chooses. If the school wants to help these students begin a transition, so be it. PS – And maybe get a Colorado local phone number. Keep 307 for the inbred hillbillies in Wyoming.  Producer Anne’s Note: I refrained from correcting the texter’s grammar or spelling. 

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Colorado Could Soon Have Its Own “Assault Weapons” Ban.
Chris Cheng from Second Amendment Foundation, a group firmly believes in everyone’s right to bear arms in the United States, joined John to discuss this potential ban. Interview 

ChatGPT + Voice
Drago Dimtrov www.talktodrago.com  /Interview   Follow-up comments Part 2 

Why Avoid Gift Cards from the Display Rack
Article / Comments  Part 2 

Idiots at the Federal Reserve
Scott Garliss – Stansberry Research / Interview