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Show Notes

March 2, 2023

Dr.Kelly Victory


What if Justin Bieber never recovers from that? 

URGENT: mRNAs jabs may have caused tens of millions of serious new health problems worldwide, a huge peer-reviewed study shows

URGENT: Stillbirths nearly doubled in Singapore, one of the world’s most mRNA vaccinated countries, in 2022. Meanwhile, live births plunged. The changes began in March 2022, EXACTLY nine months after Singapore mass vaccinated people of childbearing age.

This is the Democrat base. They are all batshit insane about covid. I’m not sure how these people ever come back to normal life.

Listener Questions:
We have a friend who has not taken the vaccine and ended up in the hospital with COVID, they pushed him to take Remdesivir, and he now has a large pancreatic tumor that looks like it is cancer. Could that med have brought this on? 

Historically, malpractice was the number three cause of death in America. Covid certainly makes that number one by a long shot now. 

Guests & Topics

Daylight Saving Time – a new bill to keep it all the time. /  Comments 

Catalytic Converter Fund and How to Prevent Theft  Article / Comments 

Wayne in Castle Rock called in about car vandalism, Cat converters, and inability to find one. Plus, the government’s fundraising. 

Dan called in on how to get a Cat converter and ways to track stolen ones; CO parks pass, and The Left doesn’t want you driving. 

Recap on Hour 2 

Denver Woman Taking Matters into Her Own Hands After Suv Targeted Twice by Thieves. Article / Comments 

Camera for Your Car / Comments

Craig called in about Recycling centers and Cat Converters.

Scott Garliss – Stansbury Research: Troubling Signs in the Housing Market. Interview

Remember when Democrats told us Trump lacked empathy? Tweet / Comments