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Show Notes

August 10, 2023

John Rush host of Rush To Reason

Guests & Topics

Dr. Kelly Victory & Steve House: Investors are voting on the failure of mRNA technology with their feet. EG.5 Variant Accounted For The Majority Of U.S. COVID Cases Last Week: CDC. Reporters hyping a deeply flawed study supposedly proving COVID killed more Republicans because they had lower jab rates. Inflammation and cancer. Rise in breast cancer for women under 45. FDC now says ivermectin may be prescribed for COVID-19.  Data on vaccines. / Interview 


Matthew Taylor’s documentary – Gotham: The Fall and Rise of New York tells the turnaround story through the voices of the people who ushered in the change: Bill Bratton, Ray Kelly, Giuliani, Fred Siegel, Former NYPD chief Lou Anemone, and more. / Interview 

Child abuse in a Chaffee County daycare? Article / Comments 

NIH Discloses the Companies That Paid Royalties For Medical Innovations Since 2009. Adam Andrzejewski with OpenTheBooks.com / Interview   

What every conservative candidate needs to know. / Comments  


President Biden’s support among Hispanic voters is crumbling. He had a 33% advantage over Trump in 2020. Now, it’s down to 3% in a recent poll. NumbersUSA Vice-President, Chris Chmielenski / Interview 

Fauci and work for hire.  Patents. Royalty checks from COVID. / Jersey Joe Interview 

The Mayor of New York City would like you to send him your check made payable to the City of New York in the amount of $143.76.  Article / Jersey Joe Interview 

Ford Losing 4.5 Billion and Tax Credits for EVs. Jersey Joe Interview 

UAW demands would mean ‘unsustainable’ labor costs for Detroit 3. Article / Comments 

Biden signs Investment Ban. Article / Comments