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Show Notes

February 16, 2023

John Rush host of Rush To Reason

Dr.Kelly Victory & Steve House 


ICD Codes for Tracking
I am pro-science. That’s why I’m anti-mask
VAERS: Are mRNA Adverse Event Reports Accurate? Dr. Jessica Rose w/@DrKellyVictory
Our community is deeply saddened after a student passed away on campus today.
Long COVID Now Looks like a Neurological Disease
The Pandemic Missing: The kids who didn’t go back to school.

Listener Questions

1. Can you address the huge push in the medical community to get everyone on statins? Is there a good homeopathy for high blood pressure besides diet? 

2. Could you ask if there is any know correlation between vaccines and autism? 

3. My wife had a colostomy in the last couple of weeks. Before the nurse would do anything, she had to get a Covid swab; is there anything one can do to push back on that? 

4. Where can people go to bank their blood? I have a brother who will have an upcoming surgery. I’m hoping I can help him with some blood that is non-vaccinated. 

5. My friend is a flight attendant. She said the new mask choice announcement was to shut up the masked Karen’s wasting time complaining to the attendants about people not wearing masks. NOTE: THIS IS NOT ‘THE OFFICIAL’ airline explanation.  

Guests & Articles

Guests and Articles

John’s After Vacation Rant We Are Becoming a Soft Society and Our Leaders Are Making It WorseComments

Diane called in about Big Pharma and the Causes of School Shootings.

The City of Denver should NOT run DIA. Every Airport needs to be Privatized – without any Government subsidies. Comments with Jersey Joe. Billed called in about this and the TSA.

Selena Rezvani is a recognized consultant, speaker, and author on leadership. Spoke with John on her new book “Quick Confidence: Be Authentic, Boost Connections, and Make Bold Bets on Yourself”  and how technology can become an enemy. Interview  

Taralyn Romero: Update on Jeffco stealing her land. To contact Taralyn, email her at NotJustHerAnymore@gmail.com  GoFundMeInterview   Part 2  And remember Government has no money. They get it from you.

Scott Garliss with Stansberry Research: The Government changing the CPI – The BLS changing CPI methodology. Interview