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Show Notes

January 12, 2023

John Rush host of Rush To Reason

 First Hour 

Guests and Articles

Dr. Kelly Victory and Steve House  

400% Increase in the Vaccine cost: Moderna CEO: 400% price hike on COVID vaccine “consistent with the value” – Ars Technica  

Sent in from a listener: How I FINALLY Regained My Sense Of Taste & Smell After 2 YEARS

Rare COVID-19 Vaccine Complication Linked to Circulating Spike Protein in Blood | Inside Precision Medicine

Listener Questions 

1.Dr. Kelly and Steve House are the man and woman of the year for 2020-2021 2022 and make it 2023 as well. They and my son kept me from going to the rubber room at Ft Logan during this covid hysteria. I am looking to have a prostate procedure done later this year and my doctor tells me that the antibodies produced by the vaccine are too big to pass through the filters that are used on blood being used in blood transfusions. In light of all the hypocrisy and lies we have endured the past 3 years and the fact that I have inherited both my grandfather’s cynicism, I have issues believing my doctor on this point. Could you comment, please? thank you. 

2. Question for Dr.Kelly – In her knowledge, are bundle branch block being seen in patients that have had Covid but not the vaccine? And to her knowledge, is there still a high-risk factor for people that are older and have other health issues? Thank you ALL for what you have done and continue to do. There are so few sources to get truthful info !!!  


 Second Hour 

Guests and Articles

Michael Wilkerson, author of Why America Matters: The Case for a New Exceptionalism. 2023 is poised to present some equally challenging circumstances. Here are twelve trends, events, or surprises that may come to shape and define the year ahead… Interview 

James Varney reports for Real Clear Investigations: student borrowers have long pocketed unmonitored refunds of federal loan overpayments — windfalls predating President Biden’s planned massive debt cancellation. Article / Interview 

Eliminate Tabor Refunds to Fund Education Colorado voters may be asked to forgo their future TABOR refunds so the state can boost school funding (coloradosun.com)    Comments     Part 2


 Third Hour 

Guests and Articles

Mark Mix, President of the National Right to Work Foundation, joined John to talk about the outrageous implications of the privileges union bosses are seeking in Glacier Northwest, as well as why the Supreme Court should begin reexamining and rolling back union boss legal carve-outs instead of expanding them (as maintained in a Foundation amicus brief before the Supreme Court).  Union officials also enjoy legal privileges that let them… Interview

Scott Garliss with Stansbury Research: The White House is balking on refilling the Strategic Petroleum Preserve and The Biden Administration’s Policy on raising fuel prices. Interview