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Show Notes

October 12, 2023

John Rush host of Rush To Reason

Guests & Topics

Dr. Kelly Victory & Steve House

Topics: Turbo Cancers, How the Body Fights Cancer, How the Immune System Works, Vaccines Superssing the Immune Response, The Workings of IGG4. / Interview 

Decreasing Risk for Cancer. / Interview

The rise in cancer and its effect on the healthcare system. / Interview 

The Parallel Medical System: providers getting out of the system, leaving the protocol, and electronic medical records. / Interview 

The downfall of healthcare started before covid. / Interview 

False narratives about covid. / Interview

Will the truth about covid be revealed? Will anyone ever take responsibility for the lies? FDA refusing to release data. Marketing executives from Big Pharma working in the CDC. / Interview

The First Amendment, school, the workplace, and how to navigate it. Books banned on Amazon. / Interview

When the people don’t believe in or trust the government. / Interview

How the Democrats are like Hamas. The sanctity of life. /Comments


NATO’s position on Israel. / Comments 

Text request to explain the similarities between Hamas and the Democrats. / Comments

Text message about the chatter on a Jihad on 10-13-23. / Comments 

Mike from Auroa called in about phobias

Jersey Joe’s comments on Israel’s response to Hamas.

Biden & Junk Fees. But no help to Israel.  Tweet / Comments

State Department charging people for assisting them to leave Israel. / Comments

The humanity of Israel. / Comments

Ammunition sales are on the rise. / Comments


Internationally renowned inventor of 1Voice.ai, Simon Wilby, reveals what we can expect in the future and the technologies that will shape our world. / Interview 

UAW and the Ford plant strike. Article / Comments 

Text message recap. / Comments  / Part 2 

Scott Garliss with Porter and Research: When does federal debt reach unsustainable levels? The S&P 500, Pressure on the stock market, fund-manager positioning dynamics. / Interview 

Ammunition, and it’s going fast. / Comments