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Show Notes

May 11, 2023

John Rush host of Rush To Reason

Guests & Topics

COVID Hour 1 Dr. Kelly Victory: CDC Director Rochelle Wilensky – resigns – why? And tragically, as predicted, there are more young deaths and Listener questions about sleep disturbances. 

Doug Kelly, CEO of the American Edge Project.org:  China’s espionage and cyber-hacking efforts, which collectively steal more than $500 billion annually in technology and intellectual property (IP) from the U.S. / Interview 

Technology and the National Crawford Roundtable from this week / Comments 

Brian Duncan, President of me&u USA: Restaurants’ Menu Prices on the Rise Amid Inflations & Staff Shortages. / Interview  

WHO: 76th annual World Health Assembly in Geneva, Switzerland, from 21 – 30 of May 2023.  They are negotiating agreements that would transform the World Health Organization with new authorities and resources to mandate and enforce the response of nations to public health emergencies of international concern — present or potential. Taking our sovereignty over health care policy.  Folks can call their elected officials at 202-224-3121 and say: “GET THE US OUT OF THE WHO.” Also, go to “The American Sovereignty Declaration” at SovereigntyCoalition.org  /  Interview 

Roofers & Storm Chasers – Why Dave Hart from Roof Savers of Colorado. Comments 

Trump CNN Town Hall  Article / Comments

Hunter’s son that Joe won’t acknowledge – the mom is just asking for his Biden name, and if Don Jr. did that, WE would be calling it out! / Comments  Part 2   

Economy: Scott Garliss: Porter and Company Research, the debt ceiling and Janet Yellen / Comments