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Show Notes

May 25, 2023

John Rush host of Rush To Reason

Guests & Topics

Dr. Kelly Victory: Our overreliance on China for pharmaceuticals and other medical products and the relationship to pharmaceutical shortages.  Can mRNA Gene therapies be used to change someone with a xy chromosome to be xx? Ozempic – weight loss – is it making it harder for diabetics to get their drugs – what happens when people go off – does their weight come back? mRNA in our Food Supply? Is RSV Vaccine – mRNA? Are drugs from Mexico safe, I.E., inhalers? / Interview 

Pharmacies in Mexico and things that don’t require a prescription. My Go-To Doc – Ready-Radio Episode/  Comments 

EVs & Summer Car Buying & Caution on Where the “Experts” Get Their Information. / Comments  / Part 2

What Climate Change Actually Is. / Comments 

Caller Comments on Gold & Silver / Comments

Jersey Joe, “When Things Go Really Bad” & How Much is a $100, 1965 Investment Worth Today.  Comments 

Used Vehicles Coming Down from Canada.  / Comments 

In Defense of Capitalism, Rainer Zitelmann – Germany’s wild-man Capitalist, talks about his brand new book. / Interview 

Broomfield Events Center. Article / Comments 

Brad Called in: Property Tax Increase & CO GOP, New Car Purchase, AZ Election, Trump’s Supreme Court Picks, EPA Regulations on Farm Lands- SCOTUS Ruling /  Comments 

96-Year-Old Woman in MN – Property Taxes. / Comments

 Manual Vs. Automatic Transmissions. / Comments 

Colorado GOP Chair, Dave Williams. Article / Comments / Part 2