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Trump proves critics wrong as support among Hispanic voters holds steady

Critics insisted the president's hardline stance on immigration would alienate Hispanic voters, but polls show otherwise; America First National spokesperson Steve Cortes reacts.

Source: Fox News | Date: 28 Feb, 2020
US intelligence agencies monitoring worldwide spread of coronavirus, concerns in India, Iran: report

Spy agencies in the U.S. are observing the rapid spread of the coronavirus and were concerned about how countries -- specifically India and Iran -- could respond to an outbreak, according to a report on Thursday.

Source: Fox News | Date: 28 Feb, 2020
Adam Schiff neglecting his district’s homeless crisis, GOP challenger says

While U.S. Rep. Adam Schiff has been trying to impeach President Trump, homeless people in his California congressional district have been desperately trying to survive, a candidate looking to replace Schiff said this week.

Source: Fox News | Date: 28 Feb, 2020
Garth Brooks wears 'Sanders' shirt at Michigan show, gets attacked online

Country music legend Garth Brooks posted a picture of himself in a Sanders jersey after his show Saturday night in Detroit, which created a bit of confusion and outrage from some of his fans.

Source: Fox News | Date: 28 Feb, 2020
Joe Biden under probe in Ukraine for alleged link to top prosecutor’s 2016 ouster: report

Investigators in Ukraine have launched a probe into former U.S. Vice President Joe Biden over allegations that he pressured Ukrainian officials to fire the country’s top prosecutor in 2016, according to a report.

Source: Fox News | Date: 28 Feb, 2020
Pence on coronavirus: We're ready for anything

Vice President Mike Pence weighs in on U.S. preparation for a potential outbreak, Democrats' politicization of the disease in an exclusive interview on 'Hannity.'

Source: Fox News | Date: 28 Feb, 2020
Levin: The last people I want playing doctor are Pelosi and Schumer

'Unfreedom of the Press' author Mark Levin speaks out against Democrats politicizing and weaponizing the coronavirus outbreak.

Source: Fox News | Date: 28 Feb, 2020
Pence tells 'Hannity' risk of coronavirus spread in US 'remains low' thanks to Trump's 'decisive action'

Vice President Mike Pence told Fox News' Sean Hannity in an exclusive interview Thursday that "the risk of the spread of coronavirus in the United States of America remains low" and credited what he called "unprecedented action" by President Trump earlier thi…

Source: Fox News | Date: 28 Feb, 2020
Sen. Hawley: America's health care system is too dependent on China

Missouri Republican Senator Josh Hawley on the need to reduce U.S. reliance on Chinese medicines and supplies.

Source: Fox News | Date: 28 Feb, 2020
Hannity: Democrats weaponizing an infectious disease

Left and media blaming Trump for coronavirus outbreak.

Source: Fox News | Date: 28 Feb, 2020
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How much does the US help other countries?

-The US provides foreign aid to over 150 countries.
-The US is the largest provider of aid in the world
-The US is known for sending medical and financial help when other countries experience natural disasters and has received help in return (Hurricane Katrina, 9/11).
-The US provides a total annual price of about 120 Billion to medical, military, financial, and economic aid.

Bernie Sanders Medicare plan ALONE (not even counting his free college plan) would require an additional 34 TRILLION to the budget for just the first ten years of operation.
Do not be fooled, young Americans.
The United States is not selfish and greedy. Capitalism is not cruel nor confining.

There is no one to help bail America out if we go under.

As it has been said before, "America sneezes and the rest of the world gets pneumonia."

#berniesanders #feelthebern #trump2020 #socialism #kag #capitalism #freemarket #economics #medicareforall #2020election #USaid #foreignpolicy #america #USA

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