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Raw audio: Trump discusses wanting Ukraine Ambassador Yovanovitch fired (discussion begins near 39-minute-mark)

The full video of a 2018 meeting where President Trump was recorded telling associates that he wanted then-U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch fired has been released.

Source: Fox News | Date: 26 Jan, 2020
Trent England: Elizabeth Warren wants to nullify the Electoral College -- and silence Middle America

A vast and diverse nation like the United States needs systems that push politicians to consider the interests of many different kinds of people. The Electoral College helps to do this.

Source: Fox News | Date: 26 Jan, 2020
California case of coronavirus is 3rd confirmed in US

The third case of coronavirus in the U.S. was confirmed in Southern California on Saturday, according to the Orange County Health Care Agency's Communicable Disease Control Division.

Source: Fox News | Date: 26 Jan, 2020
Green Day's Billie Joe Armstrong drops multiple F-bombs during NHL All-Star gig

Rocker Billie Joe Armstrong may have brought new meaning to the term "American idiot" on Saturday night.

Source: Fox News | Date: 26 Jan, 2020
Pompeo blasts 'shameful' NPR reporter, claims she broke agreement reached before interview

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo responded Saturday following media reports that said he scolded an NPR reporter after they sat for an interview -- one that Pompeo claimed afterward had strayed from an agreement he had reached with the journalist.

Source: Fox News | Date: 26 Jan, 2020
Gutfeld: Impeachment isn't meant for you or me, it's for the media's emotional gratification

The media love impeachment because it allows them to escape from their own self-reflection.

Source: Fox News | Date: 26 Jan, 2020
Jesse Watters says 'it's over' after watching Trump legal team's opening Senate impeachment defense

Jesse Watters blasted Democrats Saturday on "Watters' World" accusing them of lying about the facts of their case against President Trump during the Senate impeachment trial, saying "they didn't care about the facts" and that "they only cared about getting Tr…

Source: Fox News | Date: 26 Jan, 2020
Sen. Cardin: It’s most important we hear from those witnesses that have the direct information

Democratic Maryland Sen. Ben Cardin weighs in on the Senate impeachment trial.

Source: Fox News | Date: 25 Jan, 2020
Trump administration announces crackdown on counterfeit goods

The Trump administration announces new crackdown on counterfeit goods crossing our borders, migrants say they will ‘wait out’ Trump’s presidency in Mexico; Customs and Border Protection Deputy Commissioner Robert Perez weighs in.

Source: Fox News | Date: 25 Jan, 2020
Coronavirus much more contagious than feared as cases pop up across US

Chinese government quarantines entire cities; Dr. Janette Nesheiwat on the deadly outbreak.

Source: Fox News | Date: 25 Jan, 2020
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