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Show Notes

September 20, 2023

John Rush host of Rush To Reason

Guests & Topics

Hunter with Cub Creek Heating and AC  Furnace Tune Ups / Interview 

Troy Duell, health educator and the founder of Centurion Labs. Ready to outsmart the sneaky duo of cold and flu this school year? Dive in to discover Troy Duell’s game-changing secrets. / Interview 

Dr. Michael Garko, a leading nutritionist on 10 Natural Game-Changers to Restore Your Prostate Health! Strauss Naturals  / Interview 


Michael Letts is the President, founder, and CEO of InVest USA. A Police Dog Played a Vital Role In the Capture of an Escaped Pennsylvania Killer. / Interview

How Dogs Love You. / Comments 

The Patriot Act: AI – artificial intelligence as a tool for surveillance monitoring and tracking of American citizens. /Comments 

Sunny Kutcher Young Americans Against Socialism & Educate Freedom. Argentina and what their country looks like as it’s in a slow downward spiral.  Video / Interview 


Steven Bonta, Executive Senior Editor at The New American Magazine. What’s Behind the UAW Strike  Article / Interview 

Gensis Electric & The Facebook Chronicles of John’s Neighborhood. / Comments 

Credit Card Competition Act  Article / Comments 

Brad called in about 2,000 illegals crossing the border.

Texas AG Ken Paxton. /John & Brad Comments 

CO GOP September 30th vote and gaining ground / John & Brad Comments

Money follows the right leader. Comments with Jersey Joe. 

Biden’s Embarrassing UN Speech. / Jersey Joe Comments 

Nebraska woman files lawsuit against UNMC for double mastectomy she received at 16. Article / Comments 

Nosler Ammunition – After parent and community concerns about an ammunition manufacturer’s sponsorship of Mountain View High School athletic teams. Article / Comments 

Germany and at what age?  / Comments