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Show Notes

July 10

John Rush host of Rush To Reason

Guests & Topics

Hunter with Cub Creek Heating & Air. Extra air purification for your health and wellness. / Interview

Ozempic on the Brain Article / Comments 

Dr Julie Gatza: Digestive Enzymes from Nature’s Sources. Discount Code: RADIO – 800-827-7656. Summer food safety: 7 tips for preventing foodborne illness. / Interview 

Mosquitos – What makes them tick.  Article / Comments 



Richard Battle: Happy Birthday (July 13) – Captain John Parker – Citizen Soldier and Leader / Interview

Joe Biden Gets a Black Woman Fired.  Article / Comments 

Sunny Kutcher – Young Americans Against Socialism & Educate Freedom The Marxist understanding of the roots of LGBTQ oppression. Article. Homosexuality and the Penal Code. Article LGBTQ activists speak out against SB1414, a California bill that would make it a felony to purchase children for s*x. They claim it will affect LGBTQ people more. Article / Interview 


Tim Lee from the Center for Individual Freedom discussed RedState: Are the Democrats Being Paid to Go After Ticketmaster Instead of All Ticket Re-sellers? Article / Interview 

Denver mayor wants a tax increase. Proposes lifting sales tax to 9.31% Article / Comments 

Scott GarlissMarketwise.com  Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell addressed unemployment concerns in his testimony to Congress. Is the job market stabilizing? Are trends pointing to a potential slowdown in economic growth, and are the prolonged high long-term rates causing economic strains? / Interview 

Jerzee Joe  called in about the carjacker and the right of armed self-defense. Vending machines selling ammo. / comments