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July 9

John Rush host of Rush To Reason

Guests & Topics

Jordan Goodman, America’s Money Answerman, discussed the latest financial and economic trends and the continuous rise of stock markets driven by AI stocks like Nvidia and explored what’s behind this surge. The latest unemployment numbers and their surprising sector-specific trends were analyzed. Major political shifts in Europe, including changes in the UK and France, were also on the table, hinting at significant economic policy changes. John, Andy, and Jordan compared Biden and Trump’s contrasting economic policies, shedding light on how the upcoming election could shape the future. Additionally, they touched on the intriguing rise in oil prices. / Interview 

The Future of Social Security

Craig called in about the option of participating in Social Security.

John from Cheyenne called in about advice he received from his financial planner and when to take social security.

Bob from Thorton called in about how employers pay into social security and FICA taxes.

Donovan called in about every business cost gets passed on to the customer. Plus, Biden’s sympathy factor. 

Jerzee Joe followed up on Bob’s comments. Social security & labor costs and margins. / Comments 

Is John a liar? / Comments 



John was accused of lying on Yesterday’s show. CO GOP & Dave Williams. Battered wife syndrome. / Comments 

Matthew 7:12 – Dave Willims and his cronies / Comments 

Believed in something so long you’re sold no matter what – Messiah Complex. / Comments 

Trump Vs. Biden / Comments 

Dems are still asking Joe Biden to Step Down. / Comments 


July 9
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