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July 11

John Rush host of Rush To Reason

Guests & Topics

Hour 1
Steve House: 

The Docile Democrat. Candidate Finance Laws – Kamala Harris. Weaponizing the DOJ. Congress’ Hush Fund. / Comments 

John from Cheyenne called in about (how) Obama being president again. What about Michelle Obama?

Robert Kennedy Jr. on the Democratic ticket and what he stands for. / Comments

The Biden Family & Presidential Pardons. Jill Biden. / Comments 

The money at stake when it comes to some political offices. / Comments

The Left is backed into a corner, so what is Trump’s next move? / Comments 

Project 2025 and the Heritage Foundation / Comments 

Saving America. / Comments

What Trump Needs in a VP. / Comments 

Ben called in about what America needs.


Jake Novakthe Supreme Court Rules Trump Is Entitled to Some Immunity, likely delays with Jan. 6 case vs. Trump. / Interview 

Shelli Shaw, former La Plata County Republican Chair (resigned in January 2024), also served on the local Executive Committee with now Colorado Republican Vice Chairman Hope Scheppelman. Shelli offered an inside view on the CO GOP  / Interview

Dave called in about more troubles in the GOP and do by-laws matter? 

Dave Williams and his agenda. Is John lying?/ Comments

The Big Boy News Conference. / Comments 


Where’s Uncle Joe? What if there’s a problem in the middle of the night? Who answers the phone? / Comments  / Part 2 

What Uncle Joe had to say. / Audio & Comments 

CO State Senator Faith Winter and her ethics violations / Comments 

People are asking Joe Biden to step aside. / Audio & Comments 

Conrad called in about Biden’s press conference. 



July 11
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